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    V2R Racers need last minute race fuel have a drum.

    I have an unopened drum of torco 110 from Mint 400,been kept in garage. I am just over an hour from vegas. Looking at 400 obo, I am also getting ready to put up my race truck, trailer, chassis, and all my spare stuff up for sale so if you are in need of any parts last minute give it a shot...

    SNORE Ridgecrest 300 C0-Driver Seat Avail class 7200

    It is a 5 lap race 55 mile laps. I have done this numerous times and have met great friends and now members of team KMR. Unfortunately with Battle At Primm race and then MINT 400 just couple weeks after most of my crew are not able to get more time off. I have a full prepped truck since MINT...

    Paid for ad, did not work, no email returne.

    Hello Believe it was beginning of last week I paid for a $5 ad. Did my stuff submitted and got asked to click back button because text was to long. Hit the back button and got an error. After that it tried to ask me to pay again to do a paid ad. I emailed the classifieds contact email and...

    C0-Driver Seat Open for SNORE Cedar City Race, Looking for Truck Also to Tow

    My 7200 ford ranger with its new race motor power plant running that amazing smell of race fuel has a co-driver spot open for the upcoming SNORE Cedar City Race. We race in the afternoon for 6 laps. Race is exactly two weeks away. I however am leaving a week from Monday. We are doing a mini...

    SNORE Class 7 Champion KMR is seeking a new reliable prep guy & gets to co-ride

    Live in or Near Bullhead City? Want to get into Off-Road Racing. Team KMR is looking for a reliable Prep Guy to join our team and for your help you will get to ride co-drive and get goodies from Myself & My Sponsors. All you need is basic mechanical skills and willing to learn, work is tedious...

    KMR 2013 Season Recap Video... Enjoy..

    KMR started 2013 with a move to the SNORE organization from HDRA. Jumping from the sportsman 1450 class were they took a 4th overall for the 2012 season to the pro v6 unlimited class, Class 7 Unlimited. With a busy schedule 6 SNORE races, the MINT 400, and three events/fundraisers the KMR crew...

    Attn: V6 racers not racing BITD 7200 in 2014, race/battle against other similar v6

    Me (Keith Minnicks) 7234 current SNORE Class 7 Champion and fellow competitor Scott Davis/Kyle Miller 7255 have been talking about our plans for 2014. We have already contacted three other racers who compete in another series to move over to SNORE class 7 for next year and one has already jumped...

    Rage at the River lost and found

    KMR lost their harbor freight 2k jack and aluminum skid n Saturday during last heat 6. Going out today to try and find, it was not at the trailer sunday morning but did not check sunday night. thank you

    Where do you see the v6 unlimited classes going, anything compete with 4.5L?

    Hey Guys, We are trying to decide which route we will be moving towards motor wise for my ranger next year. Plan is to still do SNORE with the MINT 400 and maybe one other BITD until we get a new lighter chassis. Right now our fresh 20k miles 2010 mustang motor with 2000 explorer intake...

    KMR's second annual Wish Ride video from 2013 Make A Wish and Snore Racing Wish Ride

    Here it is... enjoy.... Next video will be of the SNORE 250 and I think we have finally solved the gopro whine.

    KMR wins class 7 at Midnight Special, here is the Video. Also will be starting new

    This video has been done for about a month. We bought the dezertwife photography package and the service and photos were top notch. Comparing to other packages we have purchased, they have locked me in for all future orders. The truck has since gotten a complete new paint job and powder...

    A night racing question for co-pilots in relation to lights on helmet.

    I don't get out of the truck if possible as a driver. During night race if co pilot has to change tire in dark kind of hard to hold flash light and do it at same time. I once saw a incar video from Mint of TT team were co-driver had a curved led stuck on his helmet im guessing you just push it...

    KMR's race videos from MINT 400 & Battle At Primm

    KMR has raced three races so far during 2013. This is our second year racing, and first year racing in the pro class (7 unlimited/7200). Our 2013 schedule is to race all 6 SNORE races along with the MINT 400 & the Laughlin Desert Challenge. I am still working on our most recent race the...

    For Sale Driver Seat in a class 7 truck for MINT 400 in class 7200. Title Sponsor

    It looks like I am going to try and do the MINT 400 this year. We just got truck back together and finished first at BAP, raced two heats (4 races) at HDRA laughlin got a 3rd in Heavy Metal and 5th in 1400. My next race is the SNORE 250 in Ridgecrest. However I really wanted to race one...

    2012 Make A Wish & SNORE "Wish Ride" brought to you by Keith Minnicks Racing (KMR)

    It took me awhile to finally complete this video. Originally I was trying to grab every smile, but it was to long. I am very proud of this video I made, spent all night and by far my favorite. I am just a beginner with basic skills on Sony Vegas. Myself and two team members of KMR brought...

    2013 Desert Racing Schedules & Fees, plus 1450 and class 7 racers schedule?

    Well we are working hard on determining our schedule for 2013. We are lightening the truck up, trying to get more horsepower, as well as do some suspension and brake modifications. We are staying with the v6 and moving from the 1400/1450 class to class 7 unlimited/7200. I am curious to see...

    F.A.S.T. Racing Video from SNORE/MORE race and mega huck at Barstow

    Here is the videos I just made. I am a beginner and only know how to do very simple things in sony vegas. Feedback is appreciated, I already dislike the text part, I doubt people want back stories anyways. So I plan to change that in next videos. You can watch two of them in HD if you change...

    Photographers at the SNORE/MORE race, also looking for whoever was at a certain spot.

    I am really trying to find who was at the wide left hand 90 that had huge rollers/whoops as you came out of it, I want to say it was after the second pit around MM40 on Bessemer. I saw a couple photographers snap shots in the dark. I have some great go pro footage from my 3 angles also, if...

    FAST Racing like to thank MORE & SNORE and all the great racers and crew there

    This was our (FAST Racing) first time running a MORE or SNORE event and we only had 4 guys with us (my crew chief and original co-pilot were not present) of which only 1 person had been to lucerne before. I had a great time, cannot thank the Sal Gomez crew for their support and hospitality...

    SOHC 4.0L cannot get belt squeal to go away

    I have a 4.0 SOHC from a 2001 explorer. We have a powermaster 220 alternator on it and a tc pump using the stock sohc pump mount just modified and it has the Howe prerunner 5.375 pulley on it. I have the nice Gatorz serpentine 6 rib belts and at first I tried going to the next bigger size...