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  1. PT9Baja

    Loreto Base Camps for the 2010 Baja Mil

    The 1000 is going to La Paz or somewhere down there and I know of three possible bases for a team in Loreto. Number one is suitable for a big team , with lots of secure parking inside a wall , a three bedroom house , a Mexican auto repair shop with lift , pit , compressor , welder and some other...
  2. PT9Baja

    Weatherman, Weatherman ,fantasy lines

    WM,WM , 101 alpha chase 13, our entire chase team is meeting at Valley de Trinidad and we were wondering if there was a discount for carna esada tocos if we bought 200 or more?? Also , has anyone seen a missing quad and rider?? is it funny ,no?, si? whats your best WM WM fantasy line? This post...
  3. PT9Baja

    Baja Bug repower 1776 to 2007 cc

    I have a Baja Bug that has gotten a lot of good comments but I am tired of the motor which I bought in a crate. Its a 1776 that has never had good oil pressure. Its not that old and has good parts on it so can I buy a new clearanced case and a 78 mm crank and use the parts on the motor I have to...
  4. PT9Baja

    Course notes ,Course Speed???

    The cource notes are on the Score site and another map update. I averaged the i4 finishers in TT for the 500 and its just over 38 mph. Is that aresonable speed to expect for this years 1000 course?? Alot of the 1000 looks like the 500 course. That 38 mph is an...
  5. PT9Baja

    Vehicle Insurance

    I have made several trips to Baja and have always gotten online Mexican insurance on both the tow vehicle and trailered vehicle. I have never used it , and never been asked if I have it . The last 2 times crossing the border were waves and smiles and every military ck the same. Does everyone buy...
  6. PT9Baja

    Class start order

    Now we know the order in the classes , does anyone know the start order of the classes?
  7. PT9Baja

    Baja Mil entry list and gps info

    I have tried the Score site and I cannot get an entry list for the 1000 is there a list of entries out there?? Also , what is the best gps map and where can you get it ?? I have a small garmin in my truck a nuvi 360 and a Lowrance 540c baja in my bug. I have a chip for last years 1000...
  8. PT9Baja

    Noth Westers to Baja Mil

    I am up here waiting for the rain to start , but some friends and I are going to the Baja 1000 befor the long dark wet season. I have been to the last 2 1000"s but stayed in Loreto. We camped Erindera 2 years ago for the 500 and I was in San Felipe last March for the 250 with a broken bug...
  9. PT9Baja

    Type 1 VW fuel pump

    Whats the best fuel pump set up for a Vw Type 1?? I have a single Weber 44 on one end and a RCI 22 gal fuel cell on the other. I also have a Carter P4070 pump on the shelf. Is this a good pump for the VW ?? Do I need a regulator ? Someone on one of these sites said the carter runs at the right...
  10. PT9Baja

    Heim shifter

    Has anyone information on how to fab a hiem shifter for a 091 transaxle for a baaj bug??
  11. PT9Baja

    baja rear torsion

    I am redoing my 73 baja bug rear end I have been running 3x3 swing arms and SAW springplates and 28 mm torsion bars, I am putting in a new 091. Will the stock torsion tube hold up?// are the pivot brackets strong enough??? Will the Inner torsion sockets Strip?? help!!
  12. PT9Baja

    suggestion for Baja

    All the threads are interesting and I have not read every post so at the risk of repeating someones thoughts, I would like to start a discussion on fixes to see where it goes. First ,the expence , logistics and danger to support on the hiway ,of the point to point race, especially to Cabo is...
  13. PT9Baja


    I am interested in off road and fishing so I spend time in Baja to enjoy both
  14. PT9Baja


    Pt9Baja, From Port Townsend Wa and interested in class 9 and I own a place in Baja Sur and have a Baja bug. My 19 year old son helps to keep me young..Looking at building a 9 car together.