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  1. CEORanger

    Baker Motorsports ripped me off - Beware

    here is the type of work John Baker at Baker Motorsports puts out. After a dozen plus issues with the truck this is the repair work he did. While stuff fails in off road and fabricators stand behind the product, Baker Motorsports half assed the repairs and put this type of work out. Here is...
  2. CEORanger

    First time re-jetting a carb

    Have a Ford crate engine 302 with a 4 barrel 650cfm holley carb in my ranger. it seems to run really rich based on looking at the sparkplugs and all the soot on them. any tips or suggestions on re-jetting it or should i just take it somewhere. drive it at various desert spots so it would be...
  3. CEORanger

    CORR contact #

    CORR made an error with my online order and i need to contact them asap. 3 emails to them and no response. my credit card company cannot contact them either. ended up still getting my tickets for both days and had a great time but i dont want to pay double. any help would be appreciated...
  4. CEORanger

    schrader valve tool

    anyone have a link to where i can get one of these online ? i have seen several different name for this and have had no luck finding them.
  5. CEORanger

    5 on 4.5 vs. 5 on 5.5 lug rims

    what are the pros and cons of running 5 on 4.5 vs. 5 on 5.5 lug rims ? is it a strength issue, more common for off road or is there no advantage ?
  6. CEORanger

    Baja 1000 pit support - pit support question

    anybody have any comments or thoughts about pit support crews like Baja pits, FAIR and Locos Mocos etc. ? I am calling them all today regarding prices & locations but I am curious about racers experiences with them. thanks.
  7. CEORanger

    Converting to 5 on 5.5 for a ranger spindle

    I am going from the stock 5 on 4.5 lug pattern to a 5 on 5.5 for my 94 ranger with camburg custom beams. what spindle options do i have in order to make this happen ? i looked at a previous post about baker spindles but i believe that person was running the stock ranger lug pattern. i called...