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    Long throw short body Steering

    I'm building a rear engine 4x4 IFS buggy. I'm using single swing arm and putting the frame mounts in line with the inner CV. This allows for full uses of the outer CV angle for steering since there is no compound angle. If you couldn't figure it out this is more of a rock crawler/rock racer...
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    Automatic Transmission Dry Sump

    Is an automatic transmission dry sump possible? Rock crawling puts you in some extreme angles I don't want to starve my transmission, I can feel it start slipping in the extreme angles even with it a little over filled. Has anyone ever made a dry sump for an Automatic transmission. I was...
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    Runing Upside Down Dry Sump?

    My goal is to be able to run everything upside down without consequences. Rock Crawling you're eventually going to roll and its worth hitting the gas to get it to roll back over. But that cannot be good running the engine with no Oil Pressure. So I was thinking. If I get a 3 or 4 stage...
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    Fuel Pickup

    What is the best for fuel pick up so you always get fuel. I have a fuel cell but the pick up is in the front/middle (drag racing summit fuel cell in backwards) I rather not be able to get up the hill then have it stall coming down. So when I get on steep inclines and off cambers it starts...
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    Honda, Stand Alone ECM and Bell housing Adapter

    I'm designing an ultra light off road buggy. I want to use the Honda K series engine. Does anyone have recommendations on where and what brand to get for a completely stand alone engine management system with wiring harness. This is the best I could find in my searches...
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    Panhard with Links

    Panhard with 3 or 4 Links? With a Panhard parallel link Suspension I see people running 3 links and some running 4 links. What are the pro's and con's 3vs4 links? I read through all the suspension pages and search the internet but I couldn't find the information I wanted. I was hoping to...
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    I spelled my name wrong and had to do it again