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    Johnny Greaves and Monster heading in wrong direction? > NEW WORLD RECORD

    You guys are a tease! Now I can't wait to see the whole thing!
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    Would you do this?

    That arch is off of Poison Spider trail in Moab and over looks the Colorado river. Here is a picture of my buddies walking across the arch in the other direction. It is pretty steep but you have crazy traction on that slick rock. haven't been there in a couple years but I'm pretty sure that...
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    Cantilever variation.

    Have you thought about what chaplain did on his 4runner? you wouldn't have room for a coilover but you wouldn't have to mess with all the complications of a cantilever system.
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    lincoln continentals

    If your still looking for a Continental my buddy has a 64 that he is selling. Not sure on the price, but if your interested PM me for his #. He is in Corona.
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    Ken Block/Mad Media Gymkhana Two Project

    Re: Ken Block/Mad Media GK2 use Vimeo, its way better! Can't wait to see what Ken comes up with this time.
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    Some LT Yota questions

    62" deavers are a good set up and you can get around 18" of travel out of them. Or just get a mild lift spring to hold you off till you can go 4-link.
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    4x4 ifs question

    He is referring to the hilux but the 4 runner is the same as well.
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    Some LT Yota questions

    They only way you could get a lot more travel is to get longer arms and custom axles to match the arm length. You really need to figure out whats more important 4x4 or big travel number. 12" of well dampened travel will handle some good size hits. I have an old ESP kit on my 92 and I'm getting...
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    Anyone use Swift Springs?

    They are pretty new to the offroad side of springs but have lots of time in cars. They do have the size I need. 16" x 3.0" x 400lb my area of concern would be my UCA its tight right now with the Eibach springs I have. Thanks for the comments guys. :)
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    Anyone use Swift Springs?

    I need new springs for my coilovers and I've been looking at my options and I came across Swift, does anyone have any experience with them? How do you like them? They would be about $80 more then if I went Eibach.
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    tundra with icon CO's question

    Not sure on the tundra but on my FJ I run Icon's and you are right about stock UCA being the limiting factor, if you have after market UCA and the extended coil-overs (spacer removed) I believe the sway bar becomes the limiter then after that its real close between the CV and Uni-ball. I haven't...
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    Round three of the SXS Stadium Series April 11th

    Had a blast out there for our first race in our old 9 car (#327). We hope to improve and upgrade parts and get more competitive as money allows. We got a DNF on the final race when the steering broke going into turn 1 after that little jump nothing major so that is good. We will be back for sure.
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    Round three of the SXS Stadium Series April 11th

    That would also mean that there is no tech tonight as well. Correct?
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    I'm putting the camera in your hands

    Wow shots are always nice to have. Audio, I would like to hear a mix but mostly engine noise and other sounds from the event like crowds cheering... A race review would be cool, at lest the finishing order. Behind the scenes shots and commentary from the racers before and after the race are...
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    tundra with icon CO's question

    If the shocks are to long they will allow for more down travel then the CV's can take causing faster wear and possibly breaking them. This happens not at ride height but at full extension.
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    tundra with icon CO's question

    I would start with just replacing the loose clamp with something better to see it that fixes the problem if not then do a 1" diff drop.
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    math in AutoCAD

    I've never seen any thing like that in AutoCad, but there are parts of it I don't use and know about. SAW has a good work sheet and calculator
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    Best Offroad Vehicle??????

    It was sold to some racers out in the UAE. Some changes were made to make it legal for the class/series they race out there. My choice is the FJ Cruiser but I do own one as well. Its taken me all over the place, prerunning some of the 07 500, the slick rock in Moab, trails in teh south...
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    M4SX race, entry & payout info

    Where can I find the rules for single buggy?
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    Shock Rebuilding

    sorry its $40-$50 each.