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    V8 Prolite numbers

    At the end of last year in Torc, the V8 prolite had a big buzz. Any word on new people moving into the class? At fall run I heard some of the sportsman drivers were looking at moving to prolite and it would be interesting to know if anyone is making the move. Anyone know about any new drivers...
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    Kyle Busch at Crandon??

    Kyle Busch has been at Crandon today putting laps down with a pro2. The reports are that he is having a lot of fun and likes the off road racing. Sounds like he likes turn one. It is good to see him taking time out to practice for the up comming race. He is serious about the race and not just...
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    Torc live from Torc website

    If you follow the link from the Torc website you can listen live.
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    Hello my name is

    Hello to everyone reading. If a person likes off road racing, then this site is for you. It has a bit of everything on it. I have grown up with off road racing since I was just a kid. I have watched it change over the years, watched racers come and go and some that will be there till the end. I...