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    Rebuilding SAW's

    How hard would it be rebuild some SAW 2.5 thev'e been in storage for about a year and the oil leaked out of res. on one of them. I know there was a vid showing how to rebuild some kings I think, same basic procedure on the SAW's? Thanks
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    Nissan cage progress

    Heres a few pics of my cage in process.
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    transmission rebuild

    Need to get a C6 rebuilt and haven't dealt with any transmission shops before, whos good and who should I run from. I'm in Escondido and it needs to be fairly close by as I only have first gear. thanks pete
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    Thoughts on toy 8 in.

    Getting ready to link my truck and was thinking of using a 4wd toy 8 in. I know rear end of choice is a 9 in. but would like to hear if theres any real downside to using it. Its going in a 87 Nissan hardbody. Pros: 1.5 wider than stock nissan (going off top of head) already six lug, so no mods...
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    Stolen Nissan

    My sisters Nissan Hardbody got stolen last night in Escondido, on Citrus ave. Its gray with peeling clear coat on the hood, Total chaos upper arm, sittin on 30 in. pro-comp muds. License is 4S00966 if you guys could keep an eye out thanks and if you see anything give me a p.m. on where you saw...
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    Nissan 4 link

    I'm toying with the idea of going 4 link on my nissan, I read thru the whole lower links section and got tons of info, but I need to now what the length of the lower link should be. Right now the drive shaft is 2 piece with center support bearing, should I replace and go one piece with slip yoke...
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    Sat. night at B.S.

    What was with blowsand bein dead Sat. night, I heard they closed it down? At least the jumpin out at D.S. was decent though. The higher you jump the harder you crash so crashbig
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    Nissan Commercial

    Anybody know of a place to download the Nissan Commercial I keep hearing about. I'm a big nissan fan and don't see many around. The higher you jump the harder you crash so crashbig