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    Correcting jump/landing attitude advice

    Bill, I am guessing that your are running un-equal length beams. If so that is a big part of your problem. Take it out and run the truck through some big G-outs. You will find that the left bottoms much harder then the right. Put more weight out back... I think you will like it and it will...
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    Material stregth question

    Eric, You sure that beam is only 12" ???? Looks bigger to me. I only plan to span about 18' so it sounds like 6" might be okay. I will check out the program Bob mentioned to see what the calculations say... And as far as wood vs steel. Well they had to replace the deck at my place since the...
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    Material stregth question

    I am doing a little project to get garage sapce to work in. I am cutting out a wall and plan on supporting it with steel I beam. I live above the garage so it does carry some load. The I beam they have at a local shop that will fit into the wall is 3 5/16" wide by 6" tall with a web thickness of...
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    Prophy Truck wins Baja

    First off it seems to me Mark and his entire team seem to have their brains in the right place and know what it takes to win. Congrats on your victory. Second why does everyone think you need 800+ Hp to go fast??? I think everyone should look at the 1/2 1600 times compared to TT or class 1...
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    Adam Wik hurt in baja

    I sure hope Adam and everyone else hurt by the idiots throwing rocks or fuel! at passing race cars recover soon. This thread sure makes me think about ever going back. Where is Sal's input on all this??? I know he won't post here but it sure would be nice to know he is working with the board of...
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    Brandon Piorek (bpthirteen on RDC)

    Vic and Brandon, I wish you both a speedy recovery. And like Tony B. said, I hope the nurses are HOT!!!!!!!
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    Mango Racing

    A big thanks to Mango Racing!!!!! And Fish you know you are up North and they could have just dropped the truck off at a shop.. Get some sleep bro!!!!! LOL
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    B1K Update

    Here is one more of the Kia almost sliding into the crowd. Would have got more pics up sooner but got into a accident crossing the boarder and well I got to see the police station in TJ.... Home safe and sound!
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    B1K Update

    Here is a pic from the start.
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    88 Bronco

    Scott, Let me know how it runs after you get your stage 1 mods done. I think thats about as far as I want to go for now. And where did you get your headers? Thanks,
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    Low cost Racing?

    It seems with the 5-1600 thread that cost to build and prep a race car is a big deal to some. But what I am still wondering is why these people can't see that class 9,11,1-2/1600,5-1600, Stock Full and Mini were never and as far as I see it will never be low buget class. Now before you get...
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    88 Bronco

    I just got a 1988 bronco w/ a 351 and C6 transmission. I have read through some of the 5.8l post but they are all talking about way more then I want to do to it. I don't want to really do anything to the long block, just bolt on parts. One thing is I don't have to worry about smog and want to know...
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    cool picture

    Here is a picture that I got into Four Wheeler mag. back in 94' . Wasn't one of best races but I could tell you a lot of stories.
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    1450 CLASS RULES

    And what about the fact that Dan has changed trucks just to prove that the fact he is the fastest is not just because he has a linked truck. When are all the punks out there going to get off his back? See you all at the races! And watch out for MOVIN' DIRT!
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    Why was the SD fire a killer? Don't be surprised

    Re: Firemen ! Martin, Can you please tell those of use interested in helping out the fireman when things get out of control and extra is much needed how to go about joining up as a reservist fireman? The fire fighters have always done a great job! I just think sometimes it just requires more...
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    Why was the SD fire a killer? Don't be surprised

    Re: Why was the SD fire a killer? Don\'t be surprised I feel that the biggest reason the fire has and is still doing so much damage is from lack of man power! I have heard from several military people that they want to know why they have not been called upon as they all have had fire training...
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    ROR this weekend ......D DAY!!

    I will be putting some vid's up soon. I will also be putting a commercial together for ROR so if anyone has some good action on video from this year let me know.
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    Jesse James

    I am sure Jesse can take it unlike others I have run into after losing to a woman driver.
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    ROR this weekend ......D DAY!!

    Me and my plywood bed will be out there to film! And I will have a truck going for next season of ROR! Can't wait to see the track.
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    Movin Dirt Idiot

    Bubba, I wrote my post to speak my side. And did not attack you or Driftin in my post. All I did is put your profile which is public info into my post. I won't come to your level and start calling people names. What are we in high school? Did you fight for the right for Greg to hit me? Yes he...