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    Anyone use Swift Springs?

    I need new springs for my coilovers and I've been looking at my options and I came across Swift, does anyone have any experience with them? How do you like them? They would be about $80 more then if I went Eibach.
  2. J

    where to charge shocks in Hemet?

    Was wondering if any of you guys new of a place in the Hemet area to charge my shocks.
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    New BFG Mud Terrain KM 2?

    I here they will be available in September, but would like to here if any one on here has any inside info on there performance. I know some one here has to have something. Lets here it. Did a search but didn't find anything.
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    Toyota 3.0L engine rebuilder/swap in the S.D. are

    I have a buddy whos 3.0 blow up on him and he is looking for a good reputiable shop in the S.D. area to replace his motor for him. Any of you guys out their that could recomend a good shop to go to. Out side of S.D. is ok just not supper far cause then towing fees would add up. He is looking...
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    ? ESB 13" kit ?

    I got the ESB Fabrications 13" travel arms used last year off of ebay and I am starting to install them. On the lower arms there is a little less then a 1/2" of play where the arm connects to the frame. Do I need to buy some shims and use them to alow for miner forward and back adjustments in...
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    RaceWorks Luxury Prerunner

    I was looking around the protruck site and hit the link over to stewart RaceWorks and say this thing. Did a quick search and didn't see it over here so though I would post it up. here is the site PetersonLuxuryPreRunner got a bunch more pictures and the truck stats as well. Said...
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    Retro fj40 at sema

    Saw these on another site I belong to. Does any one on here have any info on this FJ 40. I can't find the other picture any more of the sticker in the window but it was widened and stretch. Also a blury picture of DR's new Class 3 FJ Cruiser
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    Hello, long time lurker first time poster

    Name is Joshua, I drive a 92 Toyota Pickup ext cab 4x4 in the prosses of putting on a ESB kit, When I am working on the truck I drive a 03 Toyota Matrix XRS. I love dessert racing, weather short course like CORR or large loops/point to points like MDR, & SCORE. This is an awsome site and I hope...