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    Moving to CA from MN. Bring 1994 XR600R?

    I found a used XR600R with a title, registration and a light kit on it. The dealer is willing to take my snowmobile in as trade. I was thinking that this would be a fun bike to have around the mojave area.
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    Moving from MN Tundra to CA Desert. Cooling tips?

    The cooling system of my 80 series landcruiser will be backflushed, filled with flush and water, ran.. drained etc.. basically cleaned very well and refilled. I may also find a higher pressure cap. In the long term I really want to seriously upgrade its ability to keep cool. So I think...
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    Headed to the Mojave area. What to see?

    I am headed for a job interview but will have a few hours Wed and Friday. Any suggestions? I'd like to check out what I can of the prerunner/desert racing scene. If I land the job and move out there from MN it would rule.
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    Cantilever variation.

    I need the area aft of my rear axle for a sub tank on my 80 series land cruiser. I am more than willing to massage the shape of the fenders and even tub the rear fenders a bit but I want to keep the shocks out of the interior. The only place I could have a shock hoop inside anyway would...
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    Solid front axle. Trailing third link setup.

    A control arm setup where there is a triangulated third link with one pivot on the axle and two on the front of the trucks frame. Two arms to the frame at the rear. I know Walker Evans had a few Jeeps setup like that as well as some others. I am looking for info and photos if possible...
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    Hello... New poster with an ineresting project..

    I am Pat from MN and have done a variety of things over the years.. HS and college jobs, military, service manager, fabrication etc.. I want to build a Gm fullsize with 4wd and full long travel IFS.. Like a few i have seen with a center mounted front differential and equal length CV axles...