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  1. J

    Snore midnight update

    Do you guys run standard desert tires? Will a chassis built with HREW tubing pass tech? Thanks
  2. J

    18YO's 73 Beetle build

    Hay Vaderoni, The build looks like it’s coming along nicely. Are you still planning on making it a class 9? I missed most of the races with Vorra last year but will be back out with my 9 car next year. The class has diminished the last few years but hopefully it will pick up this year.
  3. J

    Shock valving

    Looking for some advice on valving fox 2.0 fronts w/res and fox 2.5 rears w/res. My car is a single seat cab forward and weighs in around 1750 lbs ready to race. My beam is turned 1/4 inch top and bottom with stock torsion leafs. I think the rear has 28mm 300m torsion bars. Thanks
  4. J

    Cam for dual port

    I'm new to class and sure I will have many questions. My current project is upgrading to a dual port engine. If the cams you guys are using are not to secretive, I was looking for some recommendations on a cam.
  5. J

    Hello, my name is Jay

    Hello, my name is Jay and I race class 9 in the Vorra series. I hope to make the Snore Primm race next year and move to class 1/2 1600 in the next few years.