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    Material stregth question

    I am doing a little project to get garage sapce to work in. I am cutting out a wall and plan on supporting it with steel I beam. I live above the garage so it does carry some load. The I beam they have at a local shop that will fit into the wall is 3 5/16" wide by 6" tall with a web thickness of...
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    Low cost Racing?

    It seems with the 5-1600 thread that cost to build and prep a race car is a big deal to some. But what I am still wondering is why these people can't see that class 9,11,1-2/1600,5-1600, Stock Full and Mini were never and as far as I see it will never be low buget class. Now before you get...
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    88 Bronco

    I just got a 1988 bronco w/ a 351 and C6 transmission. I have read through some of the 5.8l post but they are all talking about way more then I want to do to it. I don't want to really do anything to the long block, just bolt on parts. One thing is I don't have to worry about smog and want to know...
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    In Your Face TV

    I recently meet with Mark from In Your Face TV and gave him a copy of MOVIN' DIRT. They are going to run some of the footage on there public access show. Here is the info I go back fro him: the show with your footage is scheduled to air tuesday nov. 4th. >keep in mind that cable companies...
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    Dukes trivia ???

    Okay I have a trivia question for you Dukes of Hazard fans. What is the name of the movie that the Dukes of Hazard TV show was spun off from???
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    Found wheel @ 500

    If anyone out there knows who was in car 580 please have them contact me. I picked up one of there rear tires on the side of the course just before check 3. The wheel is in perfect shape and I am sure they want it back. Thanks,
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    ROR incar video!

    I would first like to start out by saying thanks to Greg and Jen for putting on a great event! Here is some video from onboard with Duffco Dan as he made his first hot laps. Sorry there is no audio. I will get more up next week.
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    Video: BONFIRE Racing out testing

    Here is a real short teaser of BONFIRE Racing testing out in Barstow Monday. I will get more up real soon and also the bandwidth problems will be cured within the next few days!!!!! I would like to thank Bill, Scott and all the others out there Monday...
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    video check needed

    When I played back the following video it kept starting and stopping. It is only 11.4mb so my cable modem should handle it fine so I just want to see if the problem is on the server end or on mine. Thanks
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    YNOT PRODUCTIONS is currently looking for race teams to run an INCAR CAMERA system in their race vehicle during races or testing. Please contact me for more details. Tony Campbell YNOT PRODUCTIONS