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    Class 9 Shortcourse

    We had a great time this past weekend racing our 20 year old 9 car in the Single Buggy class at Perris Auto Speedway. Sure we were a little out gunned with their IRS, Bypass shocks, linkpin front ends, and built motors but we had a great time. We ended up getting a DNF in the final race due to...
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    "New" old Class 9

    "New" old Class 9 teching Hello all, I have been creeping around this forum for a while now and finally managed to pickup a old class 9 for myself. It was raced SCORE in the in the late 80s to mid 90s. The prevous owner started to fix it up again before I picked it up. It seems it does not...
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    Hola mi nombre es Nick

    My name is Nick and I am in the process of building a Toyota 1450 truck for MDR