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    What's a good offset for Toyota rims?

    What is a good all around offset for '86 Toyota rims (15x7 or 15x10, 6 on 5.5) to fit to most aftermarket front A-Arm kits. I'll most likely run 33x10.50x15 tires. I know a negative offset gives more room, but what is a good general number to run with? Also is there a preferred rim offest to...
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    Welding Toyota 8" Rear Axle 4 Link Mounts

    When welding link mounts and gussets on a stock axle, do I need to make a jig to keep the axle from warping or is this even a problem?
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    Is a main hoop behind cab Legal???

    I've seen some post on this and a few pics, but never really saw if it was legal to put the main hoop of a cage behind the cab. This would sure make a lot more room in a single cab. Any comments would be helpful... Thanks
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    86 Toyota Cage Question

    I've read the rule books and looked on the forums but can anyone tell me what is the best way to construct a B-Pillar is. I've seen one method that is in two halves that start at the frame and go up through the cab and joins the other half at the roof centerline where it is butt welded...
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    Hello, my name is Ken

    85 and 86 Toyota 85 is Daily Driver 86 is going to be a frame up build