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    Congrats to Danny Ebberts

    Congratulations Danny! You so deserved this award:D
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    BLM Response

    I just received a response from the BLM re: my comment left on their website. Here it is: Hello, Thank you for contacting the Bureau of Land Management. The BLM is conducting an official national review of the tragic OHV incident on Saturday, August 14, at its Johnson Valley OHV Open...
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    Future of racing in the Mojave Desert

    Thank you, I sent my comment in.
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    Danny Ebberts, Scott Schovajsa & the S.S. Racing team race recap

    Congratulations to both Scott and Danny. Jeff and I only wish we were there too!. It was one thing for Jeff and Garrett to miss their cousins wedding but another for uncle Jeff and aunt Cyndi. However, we will make the trip to Surprise. BTW Seany~ it's GOORSKY as in Jeff Goorsky Snap-On...
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    Parker qualifying

    That would be Scott Schovajsa #1519 that qualified 10th:D
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    video-some GOOBER in a Rolls-Royce

    The last time I saw here in Hemet it was gold
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    Sema 2008

    Back Pack most definitely! Check out Register as a new member, fax them the required documents, pay $15.00 and you're in. The show this year is Nov. 4th through the 7th (Tues.-Friday) Wear comfortable shoes because if you walk each aisle instead the convention center and...
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    CORR & NBC about to announce date of Pomona re-airing

    This really stinks! We are on the road and pulled over, got the satellite going only to find a cartoon elephant!:(:(:(
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    Rv Rental For Chula Vista Delivered To Pit Who Has One Avaliable

    Let me talk to my son. He has a 24'toy hauler (Two Queen beds, 2 Full beds) set up at the Chula Vista KOA about 15 minutes from the track. We plan on staying in our own RV that weekend for the race and he can bunk with us. I'll get back to you
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    Hello, I'm Cyndi aka Silverado lady

    I am relatively new to the world of off-road racing although not new to off-roading. My son is currently a "Co-Dawg" in a Class1 (Score) car so this new chapter is a baptism by fire. My husband and I have traveled to the various races (with exception Baja) and are learning the ropes. I have...