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    Wish I was in the desert

    Yeah I agree with setting the precedent for trips missed in the future, but this is also her first trip out and my first for the season, would rather have a great first trip with her where everything is fresh for both of us and hopefully it will be no prob to convince her to go in the future.
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    Wish I was in the desert

    I feel your pain GF couldn't get this weekend off so yeah I'm sitting at home too, but theres next weekend, too bad all my friends are out there this weekend and will prob be to broke to go out next weekend too.
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    Forum User´s Occupation

    Hardwood flooring installer
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    Rebuilding SAW's

    No I have SAW's, "GASPORTS4EVR" was asking about the bilsteins.
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    Rebuilding SAW's

    Single 2.5 non coilover 6 in. wider beam stock arms. Guessing abou 10 in. of travel. First time dealing with anything volkswagon so its all new to me.
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    Rebuilding SAW's

    Thanks guys between whats on here and the SAW site should be no prob. Thought there was more to it than that might as well revalve them while their apart, any suggestions on valving for the front end of a mid travel, beam 4 seater play buggie.
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    Rebuilding SAW's

    Alright cool thanks guys guess I should have checked SAW site lol
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    Rebuilding SAW's

    How hard would it be rebuild some SAW 2.5 thev'e been in storage for about a year and the oil leaked out of res. on one of them. I know there was a vid showing how to rebuild some kings I think, same basic procedure on the SAW's? Thanks
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    Dust to Glory on DVD

    Didn't get a chance to see it in theatres but saw 5 mins of it at Circuit city, was blown away, but they didn't have any in stock and didn't know when they would get any. :( So now the hunt begins to find whos got it in escondido.
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    Old School

    That thing looks sweet, I have a 1970 f-250 with the same grill so its ford, would love a set of glass like that. Old school rocks!!!
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    Nissan 2.4 L Thermostat

    Yep just follow the upper hose to the intake and it should unbolt and theres the the thermo, thats how it is on the naps-z 2.4
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    89 Nissan 2wd lift kits?

    Total Choas makes a kit for them also and yes theres fiberglass for them too.
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    Ranger Rick Mag brainwashes kids about OHVs

    Thats just sick and wrong, nothin like praying on the young and impressnible (sp) whats next teachin the kids how to set boobie traps out on the trails.
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    The Piece Conquers Baja....Video & Story

    If this isn't insperation for me to get out in the garage get something done to the truck I don't what is. Good luck Fish at the next race.
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    DNF Racing/Baja Update

    Good luck wish I was down there.
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    1481 re-constuctive surgery

    Hey Me too nice to see more trucks in town.
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    Rip Nick Berg...

    I'm so pissed I don't even know what to say, I truly feel for Nicks family no one should have to endure anything even remotely like that. Against better judgment nuke'm all !!!
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    Took from another board: Are you about 2% abnormal

    Grey rubber mallet, just cuzz I got done usin one all day
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    cst long travel arm kit for 2000 f-150

    Dont know anything about the fords either or the CST kit but is it possible the upper arm is on upside down, buddy of mine tried doing that with a toyota TC balljoint kit, needless to say it was really throwin stuff off.
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    Something really stupid!

    D'oh, I'd say he needs to be removed from the gene pool.