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    TMag pictures

    So I have a old TMag Challenger car I am going to restore. I would like to get it looking original as far as body lines and visual stuff. But I have not been able to find any good pictures of them. If anyone has some to share that would be appreciated.
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    Looking for a race team

    I am looking for a race team that needs an extra set of hands. I have been involved in desert racing for about 15 years now. With multiple teams. Last team being a class 1 truggy. The owner has gone into simi retirement from racing and is selling the car. I was co-driving and doing prep work for...
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    Fuego question

    Does anybody have experience with the wide cornering beam pattern? I was looking to put 5 on the front of my Dodge 3500 for chase duties and was thinking 3 driving and out side two wide cornering. But I don't know anybody who have used or seen that beam pattern. So the question is would I be...
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    Border Patrol Questions

    Does anyone on here work for Border Patrol? I had a few questions.
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    A good article on what it is to be a veteran. Thank you to the 0.45% I remember the day I found out I got into West Point. My mom actually showed up in the hallway of my high school and waited for me to get out of class. She was bawling her eyes out and apologizing that she had...
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    Stuck truck

    Does anybody happen to know the owner of this truck? They would live in North County San Diego. 2wd, Tacoma, sports package, 4 door, Soltek HID's, tires, wheels, dust light, ect. The group I was wheeling with came across him last night up on the trails in the Vista area.
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    New Goodyear MT/R

    So who has wore down a set of these? Trying to get an idea of how long they last. I need to put a set of tires on the brothers 4runner since he is in Afghan and I am going back and forth between the MT/R and BFG Mud. The biggest deciding factor will be how many miles I can get out of a set...
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    Temecula Off Road Night

    I just found out about this and have not seen anything on the site about it. Off Road Radio is going to be there and is a fundraiser for Fast-Aid. Starts at 5 pm with the show/cruise and the after party starts at 10 pm at the Stampede. I will be down with my kid and the big Dodge(red lifted...
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    Trailer Shop

    OK I need recommendation for a trailer shop in the riverside area. The closer to Murrieta the better. I need some damage fixed to my custom enclosed.
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    Another Deployment Down

    Some of you may have known but I was gone on a deployment and got back on 4th of July. Here are some pictures from the deployment. I was on a training team working with the Afghan Police. The team My truck crew Local kids Teaching the ANP how to use there HMMWV...
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    Looking for some input

    A little info to start with. 85 F250, 2wd, unequal length kingpin beams, C6, gear vendors, and a cummins 12v. I use the truck to tow a flatbed and as a spare truck. I would like to lift it a little bit to be able to run 35's. It is used off road to work. I have talked to autofab and they can do...
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    I picked up a 98 CR250R about 3 years ago from some movie guys. They had no idea about anything the bike had or where it came from. Then I was talking to some people and they said that Honda did a special factory racing bike that they sold to the public in year 97 and 98. It sounded kind of like...
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    HBO "The Pacific"

    So who watched the first episode? I just finished it and I am hooked.
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    Desert Season Ended Early For Me

    Orders have been given(March 2nd), gear is being packed, weapon is issued, mission unknown, leave March 24, return ???? The unsuspected surprises of military life.
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    Hardware Store????

    Does anyone know of a place in North County where I can get hardware(nuts, blots, washers, ect.)? I know about K Surplus but that in down south.
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    Testing my skill level in a crawler

    And I still have a ways to go.
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    Soltek light question

    Does anyone have experience with there 6" prerunner HID lights? I was going to run 4 of them on my roof rack on my long travel Explorer. They look like a good deal at under $300 a piece. I have no experience with Soltek or know anybody running them.
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    West Escondido Auto

    Does anyone in here use them? Or have experience with them? I just want to know if I am a rare case or if they have a track record. Here is my story. I took them my Explorer with a bad 4wd trans. I also had a good 2wd trans and a mild built motor to go in. They put the motor in. They opened...
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    Pulled the caddi out of the garage today

    Decided after I warmed up the motor I should warm up the tires a little and go for a ride around the block.
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    Solo Motorsport Bronco II

    Does anybody have pictures of the red Bronco II in Solo Motorsports ad?