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  1. Josh @ DanZio

    Baja - Driver's GPS?

    this^^^ I particularly like it on super fast roads 90mph plus, so I can keep an eye on a the range at which we are closing in on dangers. Not much use when it's tight and twisty, but I've caught more than a hundred times a missed call or inaccurate information from co-drivers. It's a busy job...
  2. Josh @ DanZio

    SCORE working on ttspec RULES....IDEAS???

    Jason, I broke my no forum posting rule. I totally know better. George Carlin — 'Never argue with an idiot. They will only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.'
  3. Josh @ DanZio

    SCORE working on ttspec RULES....IDEAS???

    You’re totally right.
  4. Josh @ DanZio

    SCORE working on ttspec RULES....IDEAS???

    I agree with you, You don't get it.
  5. Josh @ DanZio

    SCORE working on ttspec RULES....IDEAS???

    not exactly You're on track. If we have no control over the way the legal items are installed on the engine how can we claim any responsibility for anything? Pardon the cynicism and this is not personal towards turnkey in the slightest, but I don't trust turnkey to have our best interest in...
  6. Josh @ DanZio

    SCORE working on ttspec RULES....IDEAS???

    I'm trying to remain as politically neutral and unbiased as I can. 6100 is turning into the Obamacare of off road. The most recent rule changes have made for crummier service, worse pricing, less expert support, and a more limited market. My vote is to pull it out of the crate (I think changing...
  7. Josh @ DanZio

    Score rule change for Trophy Truck Spec

    The name calling and judgments placed on people in this thread is disheartening to say the least. Pete, Your interpretation is it must be sent directly to turnkey from the factory. Others may follow your logic. Mine and others is it must be sent to turnkey in the crate from the factory it...
  8. Josh @ DanZio

    Method Race Wheels Laughlin Desert Classic

    I wish you would have borrowed that thing!! You could win for sure and I'd have been stoked to watch TTTT go in the hands of another bad ass.
  9. Josh @ DanZio

    Twin Engine Diesel Trophy Truck?

    Two engines, Four turbos, two trans, 4 wheel drive. It's as real as me typing this post. Has the English man himself breaking out science on it. It's really pretty clever and I am excited to get to testing on it.
  10. Josh @ DanZio

    Super Charged Trophy Truck?

    I have turbo charged trophy truck. It is simply another way to skin a cat. If score is listening, please open the rules so I can run my truck there as well. Costs for building and maintenance are comparable. By current rules you could build a 700 inch big block that makes more power than my...
  11. Josh @ DanZio

    The new BITD Laughlin race. Yea or Nay?

    I liked it. Just sayin...
  12. Josh @ DanZio

    **VIDEO** MINT 400 Rockstar Energy #90 360Fly

    I haven't posted a video in a long time, but I thought this was one worth sharing. These 360fly video cameras are epic! Come ride along for 10 min and feel free to look around! Starts off with about 120 mph blast down Knight Ranch road!
  13. Josh @ DanZio

    2016 SNORE Battle at Primm updates

    Can't wait to see the results. Thank you for your effort!!
  14. Josh @ DanZio

    Who is going to be the first?

    Good idea Bryan. I'd do it if I was racing. They can plug phone into 12 volt to keep battery going.
  15. Josh @ DanZio

    What is worse?

    Man. Good question. First and foremost I had a lot of fun. So the fun and excitement is certainly worth going the full distance to fail so short. With that said, I'm there to win. Wining is fun. DNF is a DNF no matter where it happened. It just happens to sting wayyyyy more when you feel you...
  16. Josh @ DanZio

    Safety Belts Chest latch or not

    I currently use master craft belts with no sternum strap and ratcheting system (awesome), hard shell seat, impact carbon fiber helmet, and Hans head neck restraint. Was not wearing chest restraint in any accidents. Only injury was broken codriver back. In that accident we had suspension seat...
  17. Josh @ DanZio

    Baja 1000 Picks

    I'm Richey Cunningham and this is my wife Oprah...
  18. Josh @ DanZio

    TT future

    Nothing over 40 in bitd. I think this is a major reason behind not much effort in trying the bigger tires. I would for sure try them if legal.
  19. Josh @ DanZio

    Top 10 Drivers And Why!

    Agreed. There are many talented limited drivers. There are also many kids at the k1 that are amazing as well and would most likely smoke every person on this board. There are many that won't ever have the resources to compete in any class. There are F1 drivers and rally drivers that are insanely...
  20. Josh @ DanZio

    Top 10 Drivers And Why!

    Scientifically thinking, the last 10 guys to win in SCORE or BITD overall. What other measure is there? Qualifying results? Total wins? Past performance or record can only be that... the past. So I am counting down from now until I hit ten guys. Blue water: 1 Rob Mac Plaster City: 2...