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  1. Josh @ DanZio

    **VIDEO** MINT 400 Rockstar Energy #90 360Fly

    I haven't posted a video in a long time, but I thought this was one worth sharing. These 360fly video cameras are epic! Come ride along for 10 min and feel free to look around! Starts off with about 120 mph blast down Knight Ranch road!
  2. Josh @ DanZio

    Job offer at DanZio

    I know there is a job section, but it doesn't get much traffic, so please would the mods leave this here for a little bit please. DanZio needs a wiring person. If you have wiring skills please apply. Must have mil spec wiring skills. Please email Chris 951-245-2537
  3. Josh @ DanZio

    **VIDEO** JD burning out in a trophy truck

    Haven't posted anything in a while and having race withdrawls. I'm really jonesin to get my new trophy truck finished so here is a video I made out of some tuba art footage. Hope u likey!!
  4. Josh @ DanZio

    **VIDEO** take a look at Sheila's rear!

    Rear video footage from rage at the river this year. One lap only. Crank up the speakers!!! Replacement String:
  5. Josh @ DanZio

    DanZio wins rage at the river

    Full sweep at Rage at the river! Qualified first overall, won day one overall, and won day two overall taking the overall for the whole race! It was a hard rough race with some good competition! My battle with Harley Letner was bad ass and kept me on my game. One mistake by me and he would of...
  6. Josh @ DanZio

    *VIDEO* Sheila acceleration testing

    It's been a while since we have had some cool footage over here at DanZio. Here is a couple of small clips from our testing in plaster city yesterday. We are developing a couple things and were testing them once again on the DanZio guinea pig, Sheila. Can't wait for rage at the river this...
  7. Josh @ DanZio

    DanZio congratulations Luke, Bean, and the whole McMillin team

    For winning every SCORE Mexico class one race this season with a DanZio power plant! You guys crushed it!! Great job!
  8. Josh @ DanZio

    Justin Lofton!!!! Killin it!!!

    Congratulation to Justin and Blue for the perfect run!! Thank you for bringing the Dougans / Danzio powered machine to the finish for the overall!!! Good job boys!! You guys were gnarly!!!!
  9. Josh @ DanZio

    Sheila as a baby!!!

    Early stages of ole sheila!! Before big engines and big shocks. This is when she was a new born. I was just reminicing about my girl and thought I'd throw on one of the original test session. Last time I went through here I hit @ 115 with my chiquita riding shot gun!!! Oh the memories...
  10. Josh @ DanZio

    Engine Builder Wanted: Job opportunity

    Please mods: leave this on here for a bit if you would. DanZio looking for an experienced engine builder. Must be knowleagable in Small Block Chevy and Chevy LS engines. Other mechanic duties may be required on occasion. Job Opening is available immediatly. Hours are from 9:00 to 5:30 monday...
  11. Josh @ DanZio

    Congrats from DanZio to SoCal 250 winners!!!

    We at DanZio wanted to congratulate all of our customers/friends for their class wins this weekend!! Jerry Larimore in 1450, Kevin Ellis in class 10, and of course my friends at Riot Racing for Trophy Truck. The team from DanZio appreciates and congratulates your efforts for the past weekend...
  12. Josh @ DanZio

    BAP "We are here to pump you up!!!"

    Some DA vids from last years Battle at Primm!!! Now go get pumped up you girly man!!!
  13. Josh @ DanZio

    *VIDEO* Mr. Toads Wild Ride Josh Daniel Qualifying

    Here is the on board qualifying from the DanZIo/Riot class one car!!! I started 63rd which made for some chewed up track!!! I tried my hardest though!!! Congrats to the other four guys that beat me!! It was a hell of a lot of fun!!!! For some added fun, I placed Andy's qualifying video next...
  14. Josh @ DanZio

    Sheila gets a new dress!!!

    Joined by Josh Daniel, Riot Racing to contend for 3 championships in 2011 Riot Racing is thrilled to announce that Josh Daniel has joined the Riot team. Josh brings his considerable talents and his popular race car “Sheila” to the program. With the new car and Riot’s two Geiser Bros trophy...
  15. Josh @ DanZio

    BITD 1500 (Class one) guys!!!! The game is on!!!

    In a conversation today with Casey folks, he stated that he will do the same thing for us 1500 guys as he is doing for the trick trucks!! 5k at the start of the season for a challenge cup. Payback I assuming will b the same. 60/30/10 for the first three spots to whoever is in the challenge...
  16. Josh @ DanZio

    **fast lap video** danzio rage at the river

    Here is the in car from the fast lap set at Rage At the River. I left out the infield section because of the length on youtube. Im not a good movie makeer but I think its pretty cool!!! Check it out!!!!!
  17. Josh @ DanZio

    **VIDEO** DanZio Pass At The River

    It's been a while since I have had some cool in car video to share. This is a compilation of some of the passing done at Rage At The River this past weekend. Some of its pretty gnarly!! Check it out and enjoy eating the dust!!!!! YUMMM.....
  18. Josh @ DanZio

    DanZio!!! Dice rollers in Laughlin RATR!!!!

    We gave this race a valiant effort and our team worked really hard to make it happen. A loose plug wire saturday really slowed us down as well as being tangled up with another car. This cost us about 3 minutes of down time. Even with these problems, we were still 40 seconds off the overall time...
  19. Josh @ DanZio

    **Video** RIOT Racing, Marc Ewing/Josh Daniel

    Here is the teaser video from the parker blue water challenge. Marc qualified and drove the first day, and I drove the second!!! Marc is a great guy and has a huge love and dedication to this sport. His vieos are the best!!!! this teaser is my favorite yet!!! Music makes the dramatic feature...
  20. Josh @ DanZio

    **NEWS FLASH** Josh Daniel drives McMillin Class 1 car!!!

    Ok ok.... So it was only for 20 feet while I backed it up to take a picture!!! However, lots of bad asses around our shop over here!!! Just thought I'd share a picture!!!