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    High Tech vs K.I.S.S. TROPHY TRUCKS

    ivan stewarts truck had one(rear end cooler/pump),as far back as early 90's i believe.
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    the RDC Baja 1000 Question Thread

    pepe rodriquez(baja shop;jesse & a.j.'s dad) 1st in class 7x! is this for real? i hope i read that right, good job pepe.
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    the end of SCORE off road race in the US

    thats it it time to go to Boxers front yard and start a fire from chopped down sequoia tree and have tortiose soup.
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    we entered the 57 chevy in class 8 at Laughlin....

    Re: we entered the 57 chevy in class 8 at Laughlin the pacer was pepe rodriquez of the baja shop
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    we entered the 57 chevy in class 8 at Laughlin....

    Re: we entered the 57 chevy in class 8 at Laughlin arne gunnerson had the saab i believe. the ranchero was spy racing driven by the moser brothers;( wes,garson,and greg) and unfortunately was cut up and scrapped 5-6 yrs any of you remember willow springs in 91 when spencer low was...
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    NEW "Old School"

    Re: NEW \"Old School\" here is a bit of info for you guys, jesse and a.j.'s dad (pepe) from the baja shop used to prep and do some fabrication on mickeys cars. he to can go on for hours about mickey and trudy and he loved and respected them very much.he still has the christmas cards that they...
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    Racing Quotes

    "think fast, go faster"
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    Video - misc older stuff.

    that clip is craig turner.
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    Henderson Starting Pos

    yes,this was already discussed about 2 weeks ago.
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    Time Rider

    oh yeah, dont forget that fear and loathing in las vegas was supposed to cover the mint 400 until he got a little sidetracked.
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    Time Rider

    anybody remember the movie that had a guy who raced for nissan in class 7 eithier with or against roger mears at the mint 400? cant remember the name but it was a cheesy love story. i think it was around 86-87.
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    Anyone ever build a little one seater buggy

    chenowth made the mini mags, i think 89-93 ? i believe they were 15 grand new, race ready. it was a spec class in that modifications were not allowed. they had snowmobile engines,not sure what cc. pci scott could answer any questions you have as he raced one successfully.
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    roofer wanted

    bill markell was/is a roofer if i remember right.
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    Old School Stadium trucks

    i believe russ wernimont built them, at least he built robby's back when he raced for jim veneble. 1990 i think.
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    whos car?

    im pretty sure just score. morley is the owner of meco, a concrete saw company. his son , mike used to have his own fab shop which was meco racing. they were in orange. they were the ones that used the mazda rotory engines. they had several cars in the 80's and early 90's ranging from 1-1600...
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    bitd on now

    i caught the show just as you posted . that was some of the best representation of classes i have ever seen, from footage to results.
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    FIRST LOOK: Coyne Motorsports Tractor Trailer

    very good , looks great.
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    starting out in off-road racing

    actually their are more 5-1600 cars now than in the past 10 years. i dont remember their ever being more than about 5 class 11 cars running at one time. 5-1600 and 1/2-1600 use the same parts, both stock vw. 5-1600 is alot harder on parts and they do beat you up more than 1/2-1600 mainly because...
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    Two dumb questions

    clutches also dont hold up to the horsepower and torque. spools are used in live axle rear ends, they lock both axles together for maximum traction with no differentation.
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    New Content

    so what happened to the skunkz update?