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  1. Romero

    2020 MX Thread

    Does Tomac 4pete? Does AC9 stay off the ground and spoil? Does Marv come in fresh and slay? Does Webb carry his momentum for the SLC7? Anderson? Osborne? Does Herlings come over and smoke everyone? What say you?
  2. Romero

    Motocross 2019

    Welp. with SX pretty much in the bag, let's get this thing rolling! In the premier class it's obviously ET3's to lose. With him coming on strong late in SX, it seems they have obviously figured something out. However, you have to wonder when will Eli learn that every point counts? I'm not...
  3. Romero

    The Mint 400

    Bikes back after 43 years (1976 I think). Anyone doing it? Any inside info? M. Samuels said its was going to be like Hare & Hound style... 400mi of H&H would be gnar but, I doubt it will be the full 400. What say you? Wonder who's laying it out? I know D37 has a GP out there (Primm) but, is...
  4. Romero

    Anybody Know Where to Find ISDE Scores

    Like the title says; looking for the daily score breakdowns. Thanks in advance!
  5. Romero

    Nick Blais injured at the 500

    Didn't see this in the Desert section. This sucks and I hope he heals up quickly without issue.
  6. Romero

    2016 ISDE - USA!!!

    Didn't see any love on here and it's a pretty big deal. 2016 ISDE Results - Team USA Wins! - Cycle News Ryan Sipes' ISDE Report: Team USA Wins! - Racer X Online Enduro21: Passion for Enduro - Team USA Win The 2016 ISDE Team USA Wins 2016 ISDE | vurbmoto
  7. Romero

    Get Well Soon and Kick Some Ass: Destry Abbott - Leukemia

    cancer sucks Get Well Soon and Kick Some Ass: Destry Abbott - Leukemia
  8. Romero

    Ford Raptor?

    Hey Guys, MC guy here, lurking in the DR forum. About to pull the trigger on a low mileage 2014 Raptor. What do you like/dislike about your truck?
  9. Romero

    BITD Henderson 250 Course

    Similar to Parker? I see that its a ~45mi loop 3 times. Any other info as far as terrain? Thanks!
  10. Romero

    SS300 Report

    haven't seen any chatter on here about the handlebars in this race so I figured I'd share my story (go easy on me): 2015 Silver State 300 race report I would be solo’ing and my chase crew was Jason Kennedy from SoCal MC and two of his buddies Well, I didn’t end up as lucky at this race as I...
  11. Romero

    Payette Draw

    My Dad playing with his project, thought you guys would enjoy. This was over Christmas so I'm sure he's done more to it. Enjoy: Sent from the RDC Mobile App. Get it for your IOS device today
  12. Romero

    Helmet Lights?

    I saw Trail Tech had a few versions, who else has them? For me, it would need to be battery operated as my bike can only handle the OnX 8" BD light...
  13. Romero

    Hello, my name is Ryan Romero...

    I race District 37 Offroad & NHHA primarily, on a '09 KX450F. I plan on doing some BITD events in 2013 as well. I have only been riding since 2010 but I am officially hooked. I have my own racing website to discuss current races and rides as well as trying to attract support, please take a...