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  1. J BomBer

    Rod Hall

    RIP remember passing him in our 11 at the mint several years ago...
  2. J BomBer

    RIP Rod Hall

    Just saw this, I remember passing him in our 11 several years ago at the mint...
  3. J BomBer

    BAP 2019 516 roll call

    Who’s planing on attending the class 9 vs 516 shootout at primm? Hendrickson boys will be there.
  4. J BomBer

    BAP 516 roll

    did anyone happen to get any footage or pics of 586 rolling at the drop off right after the bridge?
  5. J BomBer

    how many 516's at BAP?

    how many of you 516 guys are gonna show? also, what about the shootout at barstow?
  6. J BomBer

    how many 516's racing BAP?

    some pretty good money up for grabs, how many of you guys going out ?
  7. J BomBer

    greetings from murrieta

    hi my names jeremy i live in murrieta i race in class 16 516 and 11. i am still attending highschool, my dad got me into racing as i am the co dog, he also showed me this race dezer site.