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    New BLM Rules

    << Next, If you are taking pics or filming you have to have a permit from them. They said ,that they have seen all the people on the net making money so now they want there share. >> Can anyone who was at the BLM meeting confirm this ??? If so, many thanks in advance for any info...
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    SNORE or SCORE Sportsman calss?

    You can access SNORE page directly at .... Next race: DUSTY TIMES 250 Caliente, Nevada. June 6-7
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    Re: Nye Frank TT last one Go Desert Productions ~~~~~~~~~~
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    Re: Nye Frank TT more Go Desert Productions ~~~~~~~~~~
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    Re: Nye Frank TT another Go Desert Productions ~~~~~~~~~~
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    Re: Nye Frank TT another... Go Desert Productions ~~~~~~~~~~
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    Re: Nye Frank TT #3 Go Desert Productions ~~~~~~~~~~
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    Re: Nye Frank TT #2 Go Desert Productions ~~~~~~~~~~
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    Re: Nye Frank TT Full Photo spread coming up on this Sunday.... Go Desert Productions ~~~~~~~~~~
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    Sema is amazing this year!

    SEMA 2002 pics.... Go Desert Productions ~~~~~~~~~~
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    Primm 300 pics

    PHOTOS from the SCORE, Las Vegas Primm 300, September 14, 2002. 400 race day and contingency photos are now online !!! All race photos shown are 35mm, and, contingency photos are large format digital, high quality prints from the event are for sale...
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    MDR results / Snore Drawing

    Some results from last nights drawing for starting positions for the 33rd SNORE 250. Class 1 Unlimited 1) John Gaughan 2) Kory Scheeler 3) Ronnie Wilson 4) Pat Dean 5) Kevin Colan 6) Rand Wilson 7) Doug Fortin 8) Bob Lofton 9) Gary Weyhrich 10) Danny Anderson 11) Dale Ebberts 12) B.J. Baldwin...
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    JC made me do it!!!

    Lucas..... Get a life already K ? Eric Go Desert Productions ~~~~~~~~~~
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    Thanks Malibu Dan

    Five pages of photos now online from Saturday's 2002 Mailbu Dan's Off Road Expo Club. What a great day for an outdoor offroad get together ! Can't wait to do this one again. Many Thanks to Malibu Dan and all the clubs and vendors who got together to put on a really cool event ! Photos...
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    The OFFICIAL results from the SNORE & Kartek Off-Road, "Buffalo Bills 400" are now posted on's SNORE page. Go Desert Productions ~~~~~~~~~~
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    Race Results?

    The OFFICIAL results from the SNORE & Kartek Off-Road, "Buffalo Bills 400" are now posted on's SNORE page. A big congratulations to Ed Stewart on his overall victory at the Buffalo Bills 400, man you were "smokin hot!"...
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    any ever deal with these guys?

    Hi Martin, the guys name at Performance Offroad/Desert Ready Products is Chris Kelley Desert Ready Products 6885 Speedway Blvd. Las Vegas, Nv 89115. Phone/Fax:(702) 985-2363 his e-mail is And, yes their website is down 'dead' they didn't keep up with their...
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    SNORE Races

    Many thanks Klaus for the FWD to the Dezert People as I am not able to post during "work hours". yes the show will go on and the entire SNORE 2002 race calendar remains intact. we wanted to get the definitive word out ASAP, hence the short but accurate NEWS FLASH release. more news and a more...
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    Speedchannel petition

    proudley #725 Go Desert Productions ~~~~~~~~~~
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    SCORE Drawing

    News info: SCORE Press release about the San Felipe drawing click on the link below. Go Desert Productions ~~~~~~~~~~