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    Watch out for Dodge Ram Prerunner Listing

    Just noticed my old truck was listed on craigslist again. I built most of this truck so I know most of the info is extremely exaggerated. I don't like people posting negative stuff on other builds, but I don't want someone getting screwed. Here is the listing: Dodge Ram prerunner True...
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    Beware: 3D Offroad Fab Shop

    A couple moths ago I bought a project prerunner and I decided to use 3D Offroad in Visalia, CA to work on my truck because they are local and I prefer dealing locally. After a trip to the dunes I broke the shock tower so I went to them to have a new one built. Since they were taking the shocks...
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    Hey I'm Jon

    Finally decided today to create an account. Been a fan of race-dezert for years now. At the moment I'm working on a 2001 Dodge Ram Sport and hoping to race it in another year when I get it finished.