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  1. alanzona

    Mint 400 video LetzRoll Offroad Racing 4493

    Here is in cab and on board video from the LetzRoll Offroad Racing 4493 to tide you over until the NBC broadcast on June 28th! (Special guest appearance from B.J. Baldwin around the 7:30 mark. The guys were all excited about the helicopter (kinda like at KOH) until they realized what that...
  2. alanzona

    MINT 400 PM Race photos

    Here are some of my favorite pictures from the afternoon race (TT's, Class 1, Ultra4's):
  3. alanzona

    MINT 400 AM Race pics

    Had a ton of fun shooting this event this year. Here are some photos of the morning race. I'll have afternoon race pics up in a separate thread mid week next week.