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  1. ciscokid8

    2017 Curt LeDuc Swap Meet Feb. 26th

    (ADMIN EDIT: The swap meet is NOT canceled. See flyer below.) Just read that the swamp meet this year is cancelled... I sent an email but have yet to get a response (although everyone is busy and not all can be responded too) Can anyone else shed some light on this subject?
  2. ciscokid8

    Looking for an exhaust shop in Vegas area

    Can you guys recommend an exhaust shop in Vegas or Henderson area? I need headers and exhaust for my truck made. There isn't really any bolt on stuff for this motor... Thanks
  3. ciscokid8

    Driving to BITD Blue Water

    It looks like I have 3 extra seats, 4 if someone wants to ride in the middle, if anyone wants to ride from Vegas to Parker. Plenty of room for your bag or gear. Looking to save on the gas. Let me know. Text 408-307-0575
  4. ciscokid8

    Passing of Lee Leighton

    I copied this from a Hot VW's Post. My dad knew this guy when he use to drag bugs Lee Leighton Passed Away Last Night, Thursday, September 18, 2014 By Dean Kirsten | September 19, 2014 Photos by Staff of Hot VWs Today we mark the passing of one of the great pioneers of the VW industry...
  5. ciscokid8

    ROLL CALL FOR 2014 V2R

    I know its still 2 months off, but who is planning to race and with what??
  6. ciscokid8

    This doesn't look good...

    So, it appears that the Sierra Club is involved with Tony Hawk... They are auctioning off a day of hanging and skating with him. If you read the fine print, all of the proceeds go to the Sierra Club! Perhaps they have a hidden agenda while the winners are there? This really sucks. Also this must...
  7. ciscokid8

    200A Alternator

    I need to install a 200A alternator in my truck. I have not made the mount yet so I could use just about any. Is there a difference between say a Ford superduty 200A alertaotr vs a Powermaster 200A alternator?
  8. ciscokid8

    Spare tire location

    A friend and I were looking at options for a new trucks spare tire location. I tried a few searches but didnt find much... is there an actual advantage to mounting your spare tires laying horizontal vs vertical? I would think that a vertical mount would be easier to roll them in and out but...
  9. ciscokid8

    EFI Question

    I'm considering installing an EFI (Holley 550-412) kit in my ranger. I'm running one of those racer X fuel safe cells with everything sticking out the top. Holly told me that the pump (Holley 12-920) needs to be gravity fed, and mounted below the tank, as its a pusher not a puller. The tech...
  10. ciscokid8


    I havent seen any posts from dump in a long time, infact not sure if i have seen any at all this year. Is he still building off road vehicles? or has he moved to something else? anyone know? i miss his advice and build pics!
  11. ciscokid8

    Jeremy Lusk...

    For those of you that didnt know... Jeremy Lusk dies at 24; freestyle motocross star Nicknamed 'Pitbull' because of his tenacity on a motorcycle, Lusk is believed to be the first pro rider to have died from injuries sustained in an FMX contest. February 11, 2009|Pete Thomas Jeremy Lusk...
  12. ciscokid8

    SCORE inspection?

    Im finished with the cage of my ranger and it's also now a roller. I'm told that if I have a SCORE tag then I shouldn't have a problem with most any other sactioning body. I live in the sacromento area and have sent SCORE multiple emails asking if they offer an inspection at this point of the...
  13. ciscokid8

    C4 or 700R4 ???

    I have a 4.0 in a ranger and would like to see if anyone has any advice as to which transmission would be the better choice and why? also it has a 10" rear and 37's. Any specific shops would help too. thanks
  14. ciscokid8


    Hey everyone, I am ready to set all my gauges in my dash for my ranger but I'm not sure how to lay them out. I'm ready to get this done and make a wiring harness too. I have many pics of many trucks but they are all so different from each other and some use many gauges and switches and then...
  15. ciscokid8

    Measuring A Bolt Patern

    This may be very basic for some of you, and then again some of you will be able to use this help you out. I was trying to explain this to a friend who bought the wrong wheels at a swap thinking they would fit his truck. I found this picture on some odd site i went to on accident. So perhaps you...
  16. ciscokid8

    Black Friday

    I wish companies like Mc Kenzies, Ker Tek, Cycle Gear, PCI, Racer X, King, and Fox have door buster prices like all the other department stores? Plus the lines at these places would be fun to wait in with all your friends and videos playing! lol! Here is a couple of suggestions...and feel free...
  17. ciscokid8

    Hunsaker Seats

    Has anyone tried out the icon or envy seat (other then sitting in them at the off road show expo) in their truck? How do they seem to work for you. They are priced so cheap it sort of makes me wonder if they are built very well or do these guys just have very low over head? thanks
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    hello, im jeff