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  1. Rslhc

    Stella Antenna Mounting

    Hey, another Stella thread. Im trying to figure out how to get the antennas mounted without the area behind the lights being a complete rats nest. Would be great if the bike kits didn't have 10' Long cables, but anyways.... Do any of you mount the square gps/iridium antenna on the back fender...
  2. Rslhc

    Dust light for Chase Truck

    Currently finishing up configuring my truck to chase for the 1000 this year. Question for you guys on dust lights. how many of you are running a dustlight /rear facing amber light on a chase truck? If you are, is there a preference between driver and passenger side of vehicle? Or centered? Is...
  3. Rslhc

    2020 Baja 1000

    Ok, the 500 is almost here and we have some leaked info from score about the 1000. Lets get a thread going on speculations and thoughts on the 1000! Will it happen? Course Layout: What are we thinking? SCORE usually uses portions of the 1k course for the 500. Will we see a run up to...
  4. Rslhc

    New Fox V3 helmet with Radio Speakers?

    Hey all, I’m in the market for a new helmet since the snell date on my Fox v4 has aged out for SCORE competition. I tried on a new v3 today and it seemed to fit well, but it didn’t seem to have a lot of spacing in the ears and I’m concerned about getting a helmet speaker kit from PCI in there...
  5. Rslhc

    Baja Build - Brake light?

    Getting parts rounded up to start building a race bike for this years 1k. Building up a gen 1 450x. I plan to use the DRC drop in tail light as it’s way brighter than stock and I love it on my prerunner. Question though, this has an option for a brake light. Should I add a switch to the rear...
  6. Rslhc

    Stella Mounting Accessories?

    Hey all, im putting plans to gather to race the 1k this year (assuming it happens...) and I went to purchase the cables, mount, etc for the Stella and Anube Sport's website is a shell. No real info about anything anymore and nothing available in their store: Products – Anube Sport America This...
  7. Rslhc

    Parker 250

    Role call, anyone racing the 250 in a couple weeks? I was planning to and things fell through with the rest of my team. Thinking of going anyways to hang out and could be available to help pit for some bike teams if needed. If nothing else I’ll cheer on some RDC folk. I’m local in Havasu
  8. Rslhc

    2019 Parker 250 GPS Files

    Hey, does anyone have GPS Files from last year's Parker 250? Looked around and couldn't find any online on BITD's site. MurdockNav has all of BITD except the 250. If you have some you'd be willing to share, send me a PM and I'll get you my email.
  9. Rslhc

    Long Time Listener, First Time Caller

    Finally signed up for an account here after years of lurking. My name is Robert Smith. Im a youth pastor in Lake Havasu City, AZ, and an avid desert lover. I grew up riding bikes in the desert, idolizing the likes of Johnny Campbell and Steve Hengeveld. I have recently started taking the steps...
  10. Rslhc

    Baja 1000 Chase Supplies

    Hey there. Long time reader here, finally signed up for an account to start engagingly the conversations here. To start that I have a question. I am putting together a team to race the 1k likely in 2021. We will be doing some racing events between now and then to get ready, but I am in the...