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  1. lakelaurashawn

    Electric Motorcycle Class in the near future with SCORE and BITD?

    Hey Guys - With electric cars, hybrid cars, solar homes and now electric off-road bikes is it a matter of time until we see an electric class slowly enter into the racing scene? Here is a bike that is being tested and validated by the Special Forces. Seems pretty cool to me. However with...
  2. lakelaurashawn

    Baja Tourism

    Good Evening - Listened to a great article today on tourism and what Baja is doing to promote it as a compelling destination. Personally I enjoy getting there as often as possible for various reasons - vacation (surfing, fishing & mountain Biking), church programs and of course to race...
  3. lakelaurashawn

    Father & Son Bike Trip to Baja

    My son, who is not yet in his teens - wants to go to Baja for a Father & Son motorcycle trip. Having been looking forward to this day for years I am reaching out to the group to see if others have done this and specifically where they have ridden. A little background – my son has been...
  4. lakelaurashawn

    202x THR Morotsports Race Start

    Hey Guys – here is my teams race start in the 2009 Baja 1000. Take a look at enjoy the wheelies in town, passing a few guys in the first five miles :eek: and watching the two bikes in front of us miss the start; One had over-heated and the other guy stalled when called to the flag and could not...
  5. lakelaurashawn

    Where to get a mousse tube installed in San Diego area?

    Title says it all - I called Fun Bike center, Escondido Cycle center and Cycle Gear - none of which wanted to install the tube. Any tips for a local place? Thanks, Lake
  6. lakelaurashawn

    MDR Ridgecrest 200 MM 19 Pictures....?

    Okay Folks- I know there were a lot of cameras at the top of the long road coming into the main pits at the jump - who has them and lets see them. We hit that a few times at 70+ and were sideways in the air, would love to see those shots. There were also a few cameras around MM 6...
  7. lakelaurashawn

    Steve Martz Shot in Mexico...?

    Guys - I do not know much if anything on the subject other than coming home from work I heard on KPBS (local radio here in San Diego) that he was shot while riding in Mexico. Can anyone confirm this to be Steve Martz of San Marcos CA? I tried to call his house and no answer. He was my...
  8. lakelaurashawn

    1st Place in Open Amateur Motorcycle

    Even though we were in the amateur open class, it's a fantastic feeling to finish a race like this and even better be on the top of the podium. Having finished third in the Baja 500 and third in the Baja 1000, it was a nice mental bump to our team. Reading some of the stories, listening to the...
  9. lakelaurashawn

    Where to stay in Ensenada for the Baja 500

    Guys - Well the drawing is complete and we have a much smaller group in our race class this year than last. Overall the numbers appear to be down, but still a good turn-out and from what I hear is going to be a good course. Nothing official yet, just rumors... but never the less this...
  10. lakelaurashawn

    New Member

    Hello - my name is Lake. Great forum here, Thanks