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  1. mxjeremy

    Ivan Stewart body for my XTM XST

    Just finished! Thanks for the reference pics RDC!
  2. mxjeremy

    Coilover spanner wrench for damaged shock collars (cheap!)

    Just wanted to share this in case anyone else jacked up their coilover shock collars like I did. I had one of these shock spanner wrenches ($10)... And one of these oil filter wrenches ($4 on sale, HF 36778)...
  3. mxjeremy

    find this part - side exit exhaust ring/plate

    Please help me find the ring/plate I could bolt onto the side of my bed for protection of the sheet metal from a side exit exaust that comes over the frame and through the side of the bed. I have called a few exhaust shops, and the only lead I got was that "Corsa probably sells them". I...
  4. mxjeremy

    new R1

    Under-tail exhaust, 180hp, 379lbs, $10,599 Who's got one?
  5. mxjeremy

    who is selling this 95 toy?

    I am interested in buying this <A target="_blank" HREF=>95 toyota pickup</A>. I tried the guy's email and got a non-deliverable. If anyone knows how I can contact the owner, or if this ad is bogus, please let me know. Thanks. late.
  6. mxjeremy

    TMAXX pictures

    I snapped a few pictures of my TMAXX today. I still need to fab up some bumpers for it. <A target="_blank" HREF=></A> late.
  7. mxjeremy

    HALO online?

    Does anyone else here play halo online? It's pretty awesome if you find someone who is close to you w/ a fast connection. It would be cool to set up some games w/other dez people. If you have DSL/Cable/T1 and and XBOX, it is worth buying a router or at least another NIC and setting it up. I use...
  8. mxjeremy

    rally pics

    I just got my DSL line setup tonight and can finally see all these great rally pictures <A target="_blank"...
  9. mxjeremy

    blow-off valve vs. wastegate

    What's the difference between a blow-off valve and a wastegate? Are they both used to get rid of excess turbo pressure during shifting and deceleration? What do these wonderous items buy you in terms of performance? Thanks.
  10. mxjeremy

    Making the internet more fun

    Hey, I wrote a new webpage that lets you browse images on people's websites without having to read through their stupid propaganda. It will also let you see pictures that they may not have posted up on their websites. It doesn't work everywhere, because it is very easy to block. But the places...
  11. mxjeremy

    Can I use a spring compressor on my coilovers?

    I just installed the Sway-a-way coilover kit on my truck and was wondering if a strut spring compressor would help me out on adjusting the spring preload nut. I figure that if I can compress the spring a couple inches, then I can just turn the nut up by hand, lock it in place, then let the...