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    I WAS EATING MY CURDS AND WHEY, (What ever that is?)

    Well its been a week. How ya doing bob
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    Parker Results

    Robby had everyone covered by midway going out on the first lap and was leading when he came back to midway Voss was close behind but robby streched it out on the second lap The heicopter was close by Robby had crew at midway on the ground that were able tell robby his position, did robby talk...
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    The death of class 7s, and your opinions on how to fix it...

    Get the factorys to put in the $$$$ They will come Trying to prove has the toughest truck like the past Toyota, Ford , Chevy , Dodge Only trouble is the factorys dont make mid size pickups They want / forcing everone to drive tanks
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    Trashing glamis

    Left there cans, bbq stuff , paper plates,bottles and other misc camping stuff laying all over where they had camped with all their groupies Took 10 large trash bags to clean it up Ranger is not a happy camper
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    Trashing glamis

    Rich people fear no one Paw stars group from las vegas trashed Glamiis then left it for someone else to clean up Now thats STYLE
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    DanZio wins rage at the river

    Nice Josh-allen-shelia
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    baja 1000 picks

    Well as anyone who has experienced this race it all comes down to who can run trouble free and not use up the vehicle With that said who is the fat lady gonna table dance for in lapaz RG,Luke ,viladsola,Armin and Martin ,? No one knows
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    Need 2 rooms in Parker for BITD race

    You better look into renting a house or going to havasu for rooms. I already have mine
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    Vespa Baja 1000

    It isn't a joke. It's been done before . I believe 1972 a bunch of united airlines pilots and stewardes tried it. The Vespa ha 2motors mounted , they made it about half way before calling it a day Yeah they can do It, probably a better ride than a razor
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    SCORE 2013 Race Schedule ONLY 3 RACES: 250, 500 ,1000

    Parker is gonna be Big- as for mexico its good but the less i have to go the better .just hate the time lost coming back across the border
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    VIDEO - Stadium SUPER Trucks "Test in the West"

    This will be good for the sport mickey thompson drew thousands at the stadiums around the county beST of luck rob
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    Happy Birthday Weatherman!

    hapy birthday are you gonna still be in parker next weekend i'll come buy and say high . iam getting my stuff over to the river for the summer . staying at bluewater rv
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    SNORE updates

    how about something on the class 11 field when ya get it
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    Can you tell me anything about this car?

    who's name is on the car , it looks like a early arm car, also see if it has a SCORE cert tag or ID that can lead to the origanal owner
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    #31 TT passing 609x in Huatamote @ rm212

    yeah this happens ALL the time, this guy must be deaf, he never moved out of the track even after andy drove off the side to get buy. the bike guy deservers what ever rocks andy gave him. the bike and his family should find andy and thank him for not killing him. agm had this happen a few years...
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    AMC Pacer - technical information

    Gordon, i don't have any idea where the pacers are but i can tell you a couple of things 1. There isn't any body lift, its a unibody, no frame 2. Roll cage was tied to the unibody and the suspension was beef up stock parts because of the class being production sedan 3. The front...
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    AGM TT15 Suspension Testing in San Felipe 2/12/12 VIDEO

    as i've posted before AGM's new TT will be fast------ everyone who knows martin knows he will get it done
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    Parker Pit Thieves.

    pit thieves are only minor, watch your stuff in the parking lot at bluewater and the rv park and the hotel parking anywhere in town. i lost a thousand dollars worth of stuff during the summer and CRIT police are NO help
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    Watch put for kjell - he took friends of mine for thousands
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    Fastest class 10 rebels past to present.

    go dave, you and martin did a job on the field even when they made you change shte motor throttlebody right before the race and you still beat them