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  1. mxjeremy

    Ivan Stewart body for my XTM XST

    Just finished! Thanks for the reference pics RDC!
  2. mxjeremy

    Coilover spanner wrench for damaged shock collars (cheap!)

    Just wanted to share this in case anyone else jacked up their coilover shock collars like I did. I had one of these shock spanner wrenches ($10)... And one of these oil filter wrenches ($4 on sale, HF 36778)...
  3. mxjeremy

    best bang for the buck

    I love my XTM XST. They are as cheap as $250 now. Nitro is awesome, smoke, engine noise, plus quick refill. The 1/8th scale has much larger parts, screws and motor, so they are easier to work on and tune. Check out my videos. Bang for the buck! YouTube- XTM XST Truggy T-Maxx Pro.15 and...
  4. mxjeremy

    Barstow A gps files emailed out

    I just started messing around with this GPS thing. I took the .pdf off of the MDR site and hand made a "Barstow A" .loc file for my Garmin. Then I had to use the MapSource software to make the waypoints into a route. I sent it to my Garmin just fine, then I tried to export it in a couple formats...
  5. mxjeremy

    Hitch Hauller

    I like this one: Video: It does NOT require tie-downs. I have never tried it, but my buddy has a home-built aluminum one that works just fine. Just make sure to get one with a...
  6. mxjeremy

    tundra o2 sensor issues

    i have an 01 and it had a recall on the exhaust headers. threw a light, they replaced the right side, 2 weeks later, threw a light, they replaced the left side. i was under warranty, but that shouldn't matter since it was recalled.
  7. mxjeremy

    anyone on here have a Tundra and tow with it?

    My buddy and I both have 2wd v8 Tundras, and we tow his 23' Wakeboard boat out to havasu with ease. I've been told I could tow up to a 23' toy hauler with it also. When coming out of the water, it's a bit tricky w/2wd so I usually put the ER brake on a couple clicks, and sometimes need ppl to...
  8. mxjeremy

    find this part - side exit exhaust ring/plate

    Please help me find the ring/plate I could bolt onto the side of my bed for protection of the sheet metal from a side exit exaust that comes over the frame and through the side of the bed. I have called a few exhaust shops, and the only lead I got was that "Corsa probably sells them". I...
  9. mxjeremy

    new R1

    Under-tail exhaust, 180hp, 379lbs, $10,599 Who's got one?
  10. mxjeremy

    spark plug socket

    You have to use the kit that comes with the xr's. My dad's xr600 was the same way, but in his toolkit he had a 2 piece tool that worked perfectly. One piece slips over the plug and the other piece is a regular open ended wrench. Anyone with an xr should be able to help you out. We don't have the...
  11. mxjeremy

    2004 WRX Pic

    Sorry guys, but you won't see the Evo VII. Don't get all upset thought, it's just because the one they are releasing in the US is called the EvoVIII. I guess the extra year it took them to get it released in the states warranted another digit. The car is super sweet except for the 80's style...
  12. mxjeremy

    replacement parts

    Isn't it bad to run a fuel injected engine out of gas? I thought that when it starts starving for fuel (running lean) the injectors would get too hot and get burnt. I know new injectors cost a lot of money. I don't think it's worth the risk. I did change a Tacoma fuel filter which was hardlined...
  13. mxjeremy

    SoCal/ San Diego Riding areas

    I don't think I've been to the dunes between the lakes. We like the big dune because of the ridge that runs up the middle of it. Take a big sweeping curve from the right to left and hit the ridge and you can get some pretty good air. My buddy took his highly modified ford ranger up sledge. We...
  14. mxjeremy

    SoCal/ San Diego Riding areas

    The dry lake with the craters is Mean's. Soggy dry lake is the next one over. Means is the best though because you are minutes from the hammer trails, the dune, and right there in the craters. The crater track is the best place to race playbikes around with your buddies. Just watch driving thru...
  15. mxjeremy

    goodyear wrangler mt directional?

    Yeah I have the enduro tires on it. They have their own hwy whine too. It's a 93 and I got it with only 3600 mi for $1200 in perfect condition. For what I use it for it can't be beat. I just need to lane split down beach blvd (hwy 39), and there's no better vehicle than an enduro. They are...
  16. mxjeremy

    2004 WRX Pic

    Only hp increase so far is on the STi version. They are claimin' 300 hp @ 6,000 rpm for a 2.5 turbocharged boxer 4 cyl. matted w/ a 6 speed manual. The 'regular' WRX is still 227 hp @ 6,000 rpm for a 2.0 turbocharged boxer 4 cyl. w/ a 5 speed manual or 4 speed auto. late.
  17. mxjeremy

    goodyear wrangler mt directional?

    Thanks Kris. I've been needing an alignment for a while now. I hope the shocks are still good. I have the SAWs w/ under 20k of road use on them. The suspension feels just fine minus the stock rear. My fronts may be too tow in because the truck tracks straight and doesn't wander. I haven't gotten...
  18. mxjeremy

    goodyear wrangler mt directional?

    I have the 305/70r16's (33") on my <A target="_blank" HREF=>tundra</A>. I like them very much. They get great traction on and off road. They are way louder than BFG muds. Not quite the level of super swampers, but close. I like it though. They do get flat...
  19. mxjeremy

    22r questions

    When I had my 87 toy 4x4 w/ 22r & stock carb I liked 7 degrees advanced the best. Make sure to plug the vacuum advance tubes before you set the timing. I used golf tees & then kept them in my case w/ the timing light. Also, when you get your truck smogged, set the timing back to 0 degrees. They...
  20. mxjeremy

    Anybody need a million bucks?

    The thing that shocked me was that you are allowed to leave the ground for no more than 30 second jumps. 30 seconds in the air is a long time! I know that on my dirtbike I can't stay in the air for 30 seconds. 20, 25 secons tops, but no way 30. So why wouldn't you build a vehicle that can jump...