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  1. Wilson

    Car 587 Baja 1000 in-car

    Starting to go through our in-car footage of the 2014 Baja 1000, for those of you interested in class 5/1600 here's our first clip: This is footage from our hotel to staging, then the start out to where the course leaves the Ensenada Wash and joins the pavement.
  2. Wilson

    Congrats to Enrque Zazueta, class 5-1600 winner

    We want to congratulate team Zazueta, this year's Baja 1000 class 5-1600 winner, you guys are fast! We didn't think you could keep up the pace you set but you never let up. Great job, fun racing with you! Congrats also to the other finishers in class 5-1600, you all put up a great fight! We...
  3. Wilson

    Car 587 In-Car

    Just walked in the door at home after the SF250 (or whatever it really was) and started looking through our In-Car video. Great battle between us and 554 (Dave Simpson) on Laguna Diablo, I'm sure they have a similar video of them passing us...... We traded the lead back and forth all day up...
  4. Wilson

    GONZO Racing #578 at the '1000

    GONZO Racing had a good Baja 1000 this year, finished first in class 5/1600 in 32:48. Trevor will post a full race report when he's able to move again; the short version is that we had a good race with no mechanical issues other than a few flats. We also had a serious logistics issue with fuel...
  5. Wilson

    Car 551 San Felipe 250 Race Report

    This was our first race since the 2011 So Cal 250; the car was ready for months, just waiting for us! Pre-running and Pit Support: Trevor, my wife Teryl and I came down to San Felipe the weekend before the race to pre-run the "new" washes - the Cuevitas and the Amarillas. We found them both...
  6. Wilson

    Gonzo Racing 2012 SF 250 In-Car

    We're just back from the San Felipe 250 where we had a very eventful race. We ran strong until RM 36 where we had mechanical problems forcing us to stop long enough to end up being the last car on the course at that point. We eventually got the car going again and incredibly, Trevor and Victor...
  7. Wilson

    Noise Cancelling (ANR) Helmets

    In the aviation world, Active Noise Reduction (ANR) headsets are common. Significant reductions in perceived "noise" and improved communications clarity make ANR headsets very desireable in prop driven airplanes (most units are designed to attenuate those frequencies best). I wear a helmet...
  8. Wilson

    2011 Baja 500 Borrego Videos

    GONZO Racing was in Borrego watching and recording the action, here's a sample (#500 passing #1005 I believe): We were there from before the first motorcycle passed through until the 5/1600's went by (10 am to 5:30 pm) - if you went through during that time, we may have some HD video of...
  9. Wilson

    Car 552 SoCal 250 In-Car

    Here's a little footage from our in-car camera (caution, a little colorful language near the end...):"] And here's a a photo sent to us today: As usual Trevor solo drove the entire race - he drove...
  10. Wilson

    Thanks to Baja Pits at the '1000

    Huge thanks to Carlos and the whole Baja Pits organization for their support at the '1000. We came into pit 7 (RM 332) with major problems and they got us running and back on course to the finish line in good time. Multiple tire changes along the way and suspension repair at Pit 15, Baja Pits...
  11. Wilson

    Gonzo Racing Baja 1000 In-Car

    Just got back from our Baja 1000 adventure, had a great time. Trevor (Gonzo 5-1600) will post a full race report, but the quick and dirty version is: Running near the front of the pack until major electrical problems with 2 hours of down time at El Crucero, then multiple tire changes and front...
  12. Wilson

    2010 San Felipe 250 finishing stats

    I was bored, so I worked out the stats for finishing this year's SF 250 on a class by class basis. If anyone is interested, here's the Excell file: Here's a quick overview: 4-wheel vehicle classes: Starts: 150 Finishers: 84 Finish...
  13. Wilson

    #551 San Felipe 250 in-car video

    Here's some video from our 2010 San Felipe 250 experience: Contingency:
  14. Wilson

    2010 San Felipe 250 Map

    SCORE just posted the map for the 2010 San Felipe 250, looks like fun:
  15. Wilson

    R/C F-14 model

    I've got too many hobbies.... In addition to racing our 5/1600 with my son, I'm an airplane nut. Here's my latest creation: Video of the "wing sweep": Some photos: I still have lots of work to do - "weathering" to...
  16. Wilson

    Reno Air Races

    Anybody going to the Reno Air Races this weekend? It's desert racing of another sort! I'm flying a 727 in and out of Reno every day this week for FedEx, I wonder if they'd mind if I dropped in to do a little "pre-running"........
  17. Wilson

    Soltek HID lights

    We've got 3 Baja Designs "Soltek LaPaz" 8" HID's on our 5/1600 car, 2 "driving" and 1 "spot" light. At this years' SF 250, one of the driving lights was damaged (we just hate it when those pesky desert trees jump out in front of our speeding racecar......) - The HID bulb came loose inside...
  18. Wilson

    Hello, my name is Mark

    Hi, happy to be here. I've followed the forums for quite a while, just never got around to registering. I'm currently racing in the 5/1600 class with my son, Trevor (Gonzo 5/1600). He drives, I co-drive....... Anyway, it's a great way to spend quality time together. We built our car...