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  1. Maxwell_99

    Class 12 /1100/ SCORE Lites ONLY Thread

    I'm hoping to eat some crow on my last post. Looks like this may be the first race since the Mint this year.
  2. Maxwell_99

    Class 12 /1100/ SCORE Lites ONLY Thread

    Considering LA just extended the 'stay at home' deadline, I doubt this race will happen. P.S. Thats a bad mo-fo on the SNORE flyer
  3. Maxwell_99

    SCORE - San Felipe 250?

    Besides the spread of the virus; are all of those traveling south ready to possibly make the call to their family after they’re not able to make it back to them and say ”Sorry hunny, I had to go. It’s Baja. I’m personally of the belief that, for the most part, the majority of the population...
  4. Maxwell_99

    Parts for sale

    Still have the set of rear shocks left. Some guys from Mexico made out like bandits at the swap meet this year and took everything else!haha
  5. Maxwell_99

    The 51st running of the PCI / SNORE 250 at Terrible's

    Thank you for the explanation. Love the SNORE series!
  6. Maxwell_99

    The 51st running of the PCI / SNORE 250 at Terrible's

    I might be late to the party, and I'm honestly not trying to bash or anything at all; why is the 250 the first race of the year now and not BAP? My apologies if this has been answered previously.
  7. Maxwell_99

    McKenzie's Rage at the River

    Any live feed?
  8. Maxwell_99

    Here we go again

    You guys may REALLY want to start getting together for some rule changes if you don't want class 9 to die....
  9. Maxwell_99

    Baja 1000 Teams / Favorite to win

    Since it didn’t say, favorite to win “overall”, I’ll go class 10 and the RPI team. Read the drivers listed and try to argue someone else.
  10. Maxwell_99

    Parts for sale

    Rears are still for sale
  11. Maxwell_99

    Parts for sale

    Still got em for now. The fronts are what you really want though
  12. Maxwell_99

    What is Robby building?

    Looks like it’ll be ready for the 1k according to the man himself
  13. Maxwell_99

    Parts for sale

    I’m headed to he swap meet this weekend with a lot of stuff. More than I though I had.
  14. Maxwell_99

    2019 fall Leduc Swap Meet

    I've never been. Trying to understand what spot I would need to buy if I came with a trailer full of parts and a utv. A $50 or $100? Any pics of how the layout will kind of be or anything? Any info is appreciated. Thanks
  15. Maxwell_99

    Online Deals

    Weeellllllllllllllll...... who bought Carter's/Depue car?
  16. Maxwell_99

    Weddle Industries Swinger Shootout - January 25, 2020 - Slash X, California

    Makes me wish I still had a car or a ride. I miss those days. Cool to see you bringing some $ to a big 9 race
  17. Maxwell_99

    Arrogance at the top?

    I think part of the problem is that everyone keeps comparing things to how its always been. If things don't change, then things don't change. Things have changed a lot. Maybe everyone should go back to 35's on TT's and beam front ends and air cooled motors on all the buggys too. The guys at...
  18. Maxwell_99

    BITD Casey Folks Vegas to Reno 2019

    is the 4WD working?
  19. Maxwell_99

    BITD Casey Folks Vegas to Reno 2019

    Any live feed for qualifying?
  20. Maxwell_99

    Selling a single seat 9 car

    There's 20 of them this weekend! Bring it out!ha