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    XR650R Question

    2000 650r, uncorked, side panel mod, full exhaust. Only has one clutch through it (hours wise). The bike has the infamous bog and has had it since I've bought it. It has a 65s pilot, 175 main, stock needle, Dont know what clip its on off the top of my head. Anyways, I was looking to order...
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    Xr650r USD Conversion Worth it?

    Wow been a long time since I've posted on here! Good to see the same old timers hanging around! Anyways, what do you guys think about the USD conversion for the 650R? A few years back I went over to RG3 and had Rob revalve/spring the front and rear of the bike. Rode the hell out of it for the...
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    Anyone with a XR650R, Help.

    Could one of you guys measure the total length of the dipstick, from where it sits flush, to the end of it? If you could just post a picture of it next to a tape measure too that would be great. Thanks guys -Jack
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    Bad news

    For those of you who fish in Orange County this is for you. The MLPA (Marine Life Protection Act), is shutting down 6 miles of coast to all type of take, basically from Laguna Beach to Dana Point. This will cost California over 50 million dollars to enforce, all from tax payers. They are taking...
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    forks slapping

    Just got full revalve/rebuild of my forks and shock at Race Tech in Corona. Suspension felt really good, but anytime I would have the front end become decompressed (ie hit a jump), i would have the forks "slap" on the rebound. it didnt sound very good, but what do you guys think? maybe just...
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    Leaded gas

    I know every bike says "unleaded fuel only" and all that BS but why? I've ran VP leaded gas in my 06 yz250 a few times and it runs better than normal race gas that is unleaded.
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    Movie Quotes/Old Sayings...

    One day an old German Shepherd starts chasing rabbits and before long, discovers that he's lost. Wandering about, he notices a panther heading rapidly in his direction with the intention of having lunch. The old German Shepherd thinks, "Oh, oh! I'm in trouble now!" Noticing some bones on the...
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    I wish I was cool

    But I am not, because i don't drive one of these
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    What is the worst?

    Ticket, fine, or any other situation with the law you've been in? Include the background story!
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    Pontiac GTO

    Anyone have one of the newer Pontiac GTO's? 04-06... Wondering how you like it and things you would change on it. I raced one the other day in my truck (witch isn't saying much but he was at least doing 100)and got my ass handed to me lol. May be in the market for one..
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    9 inch leak

    I've noticed that there has been drops of oil on my axle housing/tubes for a while and never thought much of it because it was only a few drops..but today I took my jeep to some good trails and when I returned home there was a VERY large amount of oil in the undercarrige/axle. I am 99 percent...
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    Wow, I haven't been on here in forever! Haha well to get back to the title, I will be going free diving tomorrow in Laguna for some fish. I'm going to use a Hawiian sling in the kelp paddies off of our little boat and was wondering if I need a license to do so. I'm 16 years of age and I've been...
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    CV angle

    Whats a good CV angle at full droop? My CVs are at 41 degrees at full droop. Is this acceptable? Less is better, but what is good? Btw i have 930s with only a 1835 motor.
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    I have a 1988 Jeep Cherokee and its been making a "clank" sometimes when i take off from a start. The previous owner put ford 9 inch axles front and rear from Currie under it if that helps. The U joints seem ok but I will replace them anyways. What else could it be? The back lash on the pinion...
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    Assault Rifle

    I live in southern California and plan on purchasing an AR-15 in the coming months. I know that they sell a version of the AR here, but it does not have a removable clip or some jerry rig set up (holds like 10 rounds or something like that). I was thinking having my Uncle that lives in Reno buy...
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    Good Dh Trails

    Anyone know of good DH trails in southern cali? How do you get to the trail Telonics? All info is appreciated. Thanks
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    A deal

    My neighbor is selling her brothers 96 Dodge 2500. Its a diesel with an automatic, and has about 75k miles. She says she would be willing to let it go for $4000. It has a Lance camper on it right now and would give that to me as well. Is this a good deal? I believe i saw somewhere that the...
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    Thailand? Yeah!

    Anyone ever been here? My uncle and his wife are going there for vacation in summer for 1 month and have invited me. Does anyone have input/ things to watch out for about this place? Thanks -Blake
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    Best Bed

    Whats better to build? A long bed truck or shortbed? This is assuming that the truck would be linked. Long bed for longer trailing arms=more travel right? Thanks-Blake
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    New transmission

    transmission blew up and is toast. I have a 88 Jeep xj that has a Peugot ba-10. Looking to upgrade to a AX15 transmission. Anyone know of any reputable shops that wont rip me off but still have a somewhat decent price? Thanks. ps. Im located in Huntington Beach.