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  1. dezert_nerd

    Preparing for V2R

    I'm planning on racing Vegas to Reno solo this year. It will be my first year actually racing Vegas to Reno as well as doing it behind bars. I've chased for this race back in 2012 so I'm a little familiar with how all the pits are setup, I'm just worried about forgetting to pack something that...
  2. dezert_nerd

    Neck Braces and Desert Racing

    Who all on here wears a neck brace when racing (or riding) their bike? I'm planning on racing V2R solo and have noticed a lot of desert racers, mainly pros, that don't wear them. Is there a particular reason for this? The only reason I could see that people wouldn't wear one is because you can't...
  3. dezert_nerd

    Timken Bearing specs

    I've looked on their website and can't find squat, mainly cause I don't know what I'm looking for. Does anyone know where I can find specs as far as inner/outer race diameters go and bearing spread for the various bearings that are being used on race vehicles now-a-days (2.0, 2.250,2.5, 3.250)...
  4. dezert_nerd

    BD Dual 8in lights

    Who runs the Baja Designs dual 8in lights and how do you guys like them? Im thinking about buying them but not so sure yet. Its going on an xr600 if i do make the purchase
  5. dezert_nerd

    Whats in a Good Fabricator?

    I want to know what all you guys who own Fabrication shops look for in one of your employees who fabricates for you. I started welding with a guy who owns his own shop who also does lessons on the side. So far I'm somewhat good at MIG, getting better at Stick, and mediocre at aluminum TIG...
  6. dezert_nerd

    Trophy Trucks...and Coil Buckets

    I was wondering if there is anyone that built any trucks that were linked with coil buckets and smooth body shocks for the rear suspension. I mainly want to know how you guys did it and what tricks there were to doing it. If anyone can provide pictures too that'd be great too. I'm tossing an...
  7. dezert_nerd

    What an awsome guy!!!

    To start off had an awsome weekend at Laughlin (as i'm sure everyone else did!!!). Now to the story. I was over at the High School with a bunch of family and friends and ended up getting Jimmy Nuckles to come hang out for a bit with us after the crash!!! Since my mom absolutely loves his truck...
  8. dezert_nerd

    hows it goin?

    my name is thomas and i'm part of and offroad team by the name of GFC Offroad Crew. i help race a 1400 truck in the MORE race series and its been a blast! right now our team is second in points and we hope to end off the year with a championship!