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  1. pciscott

    Weatherman, Patience, Viva Baja!

    This is a repost of my Lost and Found post PAB asked me to start a new thread: I lost my Patience at San Felipe 250, 212X please wait 30 minutes before you ask for status again! Spectator with Microphone while I love the sound of Trophy Trucks going by, every car off the start while we are...
  2. pciscott

    GoFundme for Luhtala family.

    RDC Familia, At 4:45am Saturday morning 11/19/2016 the lives of the Luhtala family were changed forever when Mark Luhtala 288 had a accidental collision with the 127 car of Cody Parkhouse. Mark Luhtala passed away on Tuesday evening from complications of his severe injuries. Holly flew home...
  3. pciscott

    Weatherman Relay with a Code Red for Mark Luhtala 288

    I received a message from Mark's sister Tiana that she asked me to relay to the off-road community: "Scott, Thank you for everything you did for mark in the course of the accident. He passed away this evening. Trusting he is in the arms of Jesus. We are all stunned. Please relay this...
  4. pciscott

    Weatherman Relay Info

    Weatherman is sitting this one out recovering from a bad case of Pneumonia. Get well quick pops! We are just finishing up radio checks, Satcom checks, Iridium PTT checks, satellite Internet checks, and we hope to keep you updated with a live stream thanks to Score and PCI Race Radios. The...
  5. pciscott

    The Weatherman Project 40 Years of service!

    First off what is the Weatherman? The Weatherman is the most recognized voice in Desert Racing He can be the help you need to keep moving towards the finish line Your Life Line in an Emergency or Code Red The bearer of Bad news when your team is out of the race A little Comedy on...
  6. pciscott

    Detective/Reward looking to see if anyone else got burned.

    We have two large orders that went to Jorge Mascareno and Alex Leal using a address of 220 Cesar Chavez Blvd. Calexico CA 92231 which turns out to be a parking garage in Calexico called Colorado parking. The packages were signed for by Marcos Garcia yet he says he knew nothing about them and...
  7. pciscott

    Lowrance GPS Units back in stock at PCI

    Lowrance HDS units are back in stock in limited numbers. Lowrance had parts shortage issues that have had people scrambling for new units since January. Lowrance has also discontinued the larger 8 and 10 inch GPS only models to the US markets, but PCI has procured a number of these units to fill...
  8. pciscott

    Hook, Line, and Sinker! Norra Mexican 1000!

    Had a meeting yesterday about communications and GPS for the upcoming Norra Mexican 1000 with Mike Pearlman and Michael Noval, at the conclusion of our meeting they directed me to their website to watch a Parnelli Jones teaser video of the Rally. On the way home I called my father the Weatherman...
  9. pciscott

    PCI Race Radios will not be at MORE race do to weather!

    We just made a safety decision, the PCI Race Radios trailer will not be making it out to the MORE race for support do to weather conditions. The Cajon pass is open, but with snow and ice on the road the road conditions are dangerous. We have a couple things we need to get to the races for...
  10. pciscott

    Race 7 to the Weatherman Code Red is over!

    Off-road family please say a prayer for my Father the Weatherman, today he was flight for lifed from Parker to AZ Heart Hospital in Phoenix, he has gone through one surgery for a Aorta dissection and tomorrow afternoon he will be going for a major surgery that will take several hours. He is very...
  11. pciscott

    Recomendation for 72 K5 Blazer powertrain?

    I have a friend Steve Vico who worked for Parnelli Jones for years who has a vintage 72 K5 Blazer Prerunner and he is looking to upgrade with new EFI motor package and a newer transmision as well. I am looking for someone to do the work as well as a good combination for this old Hot Rod? Any...
  12. pciscott

    General Tires Mikey Childress Bullrunning it!

    I am a desert racer and Rally Racing means nothing to me, but when one of our own is playing on the pavement for a couple days why not leave his story under Desert Racing????? No tickets day 1 and they are in Pittsburg PA. Go to to track Mikey on Ionearth. This old desert dog...
  13. pciscott

    All new Trophy Truck #7!

    I would like to thank Brett King and the whole King shock crew! The new #7 will be King Kongin it in Baja!!! I had a smile on my face today and limits are being redifined! My truck hands down went faster in Barstow today than I thought was possible! on top of that it was much easier to drive. I...
  14. pciscott

    Anyone heading to the MDR Superstition race in the Long Beach or PCI area?

    We have a intercom that would make some boys in a 5-1600 happy if anyone near PCI is heading to the race tonight or early in the morning? Thank you, Scott
  15. pciscott

    6 Million Dollar Weatherman!

    My Father the Weatherman was having fun after the King of the Hammers and had a little episode on Sledgehammer. It seems the Weatherman had too much fun got dizzy and passed out, which ended him up in Saint Mary's in Apple Valley. After many tests they determined that it was not a heart attack...
  16. pciscott

    Weatherman where are you!!!!!

    #7 race to the Weatherman!!! Come in Weatherman? We have not herd from my father and it is unlike him, any info or if anyone has seen or herd him please give us a call at PCI 800-869-5636. We will definitely have a tracker on him next time! He is probably getting some rest after a long couple of...
  17. pciscott

    PCI Racing Needs 4 more rooms

    We are adding people to our Baja plan and are looking for 4 more rooms? Please call, or email me if you have any you are going to cut loose? Thank you, Scott
  18. pciscott

    Weatherman is getting ready for Baja!

    I just got off the phone with my father aka the Weatherman and he is building a map of communication assets for the Baja 1000 race. He needs to know locations of all the pit clubs and what vehicles they are tracking, bikes only or cars and bikes? Any help is welcome especially for those of you...
  19. pciscott

    PCI Preruns the Baja 1000!

    I had the privilege to help Score mark this years Baja 1000 course and those of you who take the challenge are in for an adventure of a lifetime! The Terrain diversity of this race is unmatched and this is why the legend of Baja keeps on growing! My prerun started and finished in Tecate and at...
  20. pciscott

    Help getting in touch with Freddy Mendoza of La Paz?

    I need to get in touch with Freddy Mendoza of La Paz who did a land deal for the Weatherman. We have lost touch do to disconnected cell phones and are hoping we have not been taken advantage of? Any help would be appreciated? Thank you to my friends South of the border!