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    Ultimate Off-Roader

    Journey on Mr. Armstrong.
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    Norman Motorsports Stream

    Check it out.
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    Baja 1000 videos

    Here's a couple videos I took.
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    Why isn't this on ESPN? I bet this would bring more viewers than poker. :D YouTube- uspdf 2009 championship highlights
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    Baja 250 on Jeep World of Adventure

    Not sure if this has been posted yet. But if you didn't catch this when it was on TV, here's a link to see the episode. It's not that long but who cares. :D
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    Baja 250 2009

    Here's a couple pics from the race.
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    Sf 250

    Here's a couple of SF videos.
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    Happy B-Day Zoomlenz4u

    Happy B-day bro. Just a little older. But look at this way, on Mars you'd be just a little over twenty years old. :)
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    The Perfect Pour Challenge

    The Perfect Pour Challenge My first attempt was 80.,perfectpour,number%3a2
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    Jesse on West Coast Customs

    Did anybody else see Jesse on a Street Customs episode? He gave Ryan a ride in his trophy truck. Think Ryan left his shorts with some custom skid marks. :D Also had his truck West Coastified.
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    Truck blank template

    I need to come up with a design for my friends class 8. Does anybody know where I can get a blank template. Something that I could use in Photoshop or Illustrator. Something like the picture? Thanks.
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    Just for Laughs

    Just got this one today. :D:(:confused::eek: This one is funny. :D
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    Miracle Beer Diet

    Public Service Announcement.
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    Dash 2008 pics and Video

    I didn't take that many pics. I mostly took video. No music, just the sound of those lovely engines.
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    Thieves targeting catalytic converters

    Not sure if this has been posted before. Catalytic converter thefts - especially from Toyotas - are on the rise, according to Indio police. Five have been stolen in the past week, Indio police spokesman Ben...
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    Baja 1000 Pics

    My brother is a little to busy so I took over. Here's a couple pics.
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    More bad press for offroaders

    After reading this f$&#*%g article, I sent this idiotic reporter an email. They make it sound like the public should be protected against offroad vehicles, in this case the Rhino. If you can, send this puke an email...
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    race-dezert community videos

    one place to view all our videos.
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    One nation under sand!

    Instead of hunting for videos everywhere, I thought I'd create an offroad group on youtube so that everyone can upload their videos. Join the group, check out some vids.
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    Hello My name is Carlos

    I live in La Quinta, CA. I work in a hospital microbiology department. Loved offroading since I could remember.