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    ATTN! 3d modelers

    ive recently started modeling and designing long travel/race kits for various vehicles and i was wondering if anybody has any stock vehicle dimensions for some of the truck models. currently im working designing a few budget lt kits to put together and test. im trying to be able to design a...
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    1996 toyota t100 supercharger upgrade 3.4

    the pre 97 tacos and t1's computer doesnt support supercharging very well because of the MAF cant adjust itself to such pressure ive got the thing installed everything is fine it says in the manual 1996 models have a hard time adjusting to superchargers so i got the split second...
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    can i find solidworks/cad files with the factory bulkeads for domestic trucks? like factory suspension models ive designed in cad/solidworks but only going off the stock a arm measurements any help would be AMAZING
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    adjustable nitrogen levels

    im not too sure about this but if you run 75psi instead of 150 in lets say a 12" king resivoir shock does it only have half the dampening? or would it just mess the shock up? is it possible to run lines and electric valves to the resivoir bodies and adjust the psi of the shocks to...
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    2wd colorado/canyon

    i like this platform. it makes for a great start to a good offroad suspension from what ive read/can see for myself. before i take the arms off n make a jig does anyone have the mounting point dimensions? im going to do a 5" over set of arms n spindle in solidworks for a school...
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    31 ford pickup

    ya 31. has anybody ever centermounted some a arms n linked one of these things? i was lookin at one that was channeled and had really wide beam/leaves it made me think about the possibilities of real off road capability anyone have any info or pics? im sure somebody has thought...
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    diesel engine swaps? anyone tried something like this? briggs n stratton 3 cylinder turbo diesel... comparable to a 950cc gas engine they put one in a chopper on american chopper ... thought it would cool in a rhino
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    86 trx 250 ESR BUILT

    u guys think this would be a good buy?? he will take 3500 probably even 3000 cash its all sanders built 330 kit all the goodies? i want to know your opinions, i might buy
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    subaru 2.5 turbo (sti motor)

    anyone ever heard of these things being put in a truck? interested in finding out if advanced adapters or if anyone makes some sort of transmission adapter to fit one of these things? or would i have to use the subie transmission too? planning a build for a early 90's extended cab yota...
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    thinkin about moving to the inland empire or sd area

    how hard is it to find a decent job down there? havent lived down there since i was 5 i need some help gimme some feedback please! comments.. suggestions .. anything is appreciated
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    trophylite vs superlite

    opinons?... thoughts?... facts?... theyre about the same price... i looked into both and i cant decide wich i like more
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    pro lite chassis

    anybody wanna be nice enough to let me use their blueprints? gonna use 2x3 for the rails and either 1 1/2 or 2" tubing esslinger motor and trans .. i know its 12 /14 suspension travel... anyone have any little secrets they wanna let me in on... not like im gonna be in contengency for any...
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    hybrid syspension design for limited shock space

    youll have to excuse my crude drawing its my day off i was thinking instead of running a larger coilover in the front.. if you used a hydraulic ram instead and had another hydraulic ram in the bedcage connected to a cantilever and then connected to a much longer and bigger diamater coilover...
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    starting out in desert racing

    i want to start racing competitively but i have some questions. Obviously you cant expect to start out driving million dollar machines, so with that being said i was thinking about class 7 or class 8. i have driving experience i just would like to hear about how all of you racers got started...
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    2003 f150 br performance +6 boxed spindle and lower arm kit with a 14" 3.0 king coilover my question... recent pismo dunes trip left the truck helpless looking and broken engine cage on the driverside twisted right at the coilover mount so its all cracked and bent.... who has...
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    great software i stumbled upon

    its pricey but theres a free trial read up on it its lotus's engineering program they use on their race vehicles and such really simple to use
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    transmission for 1998 ford ranger 2.4

    how expensive are these? i might pickup this 98 ranger that needs a transmission the motor has extremely low miles and the body is perfect i was thinking it woudlnt be too much more than 1k$ if i could find one at a junkyard or something or maybe get a c6 or soemthing??
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    class 7

    i want to build a class 7 yota i need to know the rules and regulations where can i find them so i can start building ill be doing all of the fab work myself minus the cage how much does a score tagged cage cost to fab for say a class 7 truck?
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    a arm design

    i want to build a set of boxed lowers and tubular uppers using a vertical uniball im not sure of the dimensions .. i just figured id take my basic drawing and apply it to the dimensions of the stock a arms.. plus 5 inches in length and 1.5" forward would that work? and if i used say.. another...
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    are there any shops in central or southern california

    that are hiring? i have decent metalworking skills mig and tig state certified new to bending and notching but i have a general knowledge of suspension systems and the mathematics. i cant seem to find any well known shops that know what they are doing that are looking for some help. ill...