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    Anyone want some Beetle Bodies in SOCAL ?

    Hopefully this won't get bumped as it is not a classified it is just an opportunity for anyone out there that wants some Bug Bodies which I am about to send to scrap. They are FREE .. I can load them on your trailer or truck ... they are bodies only left over from building buggies. I hate to...
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    The Road to NORRA 2018 - Manxter DualSports (DSBE)

    Well as some of you may remember back in 2015 we kept Rory up at nights following ourt build thread of building the 1st Manxter DualSports Baja Edition (DSBE) in under a month and racing it in the Norra Mexican 1000. For anyone who is interested the YouTube Video is still up - Anyway we backed...
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    Hello, My Name is Brad

    Hi, have just moved into the SOCAL and looking to learn all about this Desert Racing stuff. - I haven't gotten into Desert Racing yet, still trying to learn. - Found site via Google - Manx Buggies - Build a cool buggy and get out there - Stay busy doing engineering .. I think that is...