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    Are the PRO series good for the sport?

    IMHO, I think there is a promoter trying to make desert racing bigger and better. Look at BITD and the Parker 425, they now have TV coverage for next year and they are encouraging spectators also. This is what desert racing has been lacking for a long 2
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    B1K Non-Finishers?

    dms race. it was the hunt brothers #228 that lost the steering box at mile 23.....not hogan..i don't know what happened to him......
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    Baja 1000 Picks

    Go number 7 in TT. Good luck to Scott and crew. See ya in LaPaz mm
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    Protrucks running in TT class!

    Protrucks are great to watch, there are few classes that are consistently as close as they are. Like them or not they do have the better year end money and they have been improving the performance of them ie; allowing better brakes etc. It is also one of the best ways to start racing if you...
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    Don't forget Lincoln supports motorsports and you can get a discount through them. They sponsor off road so i recommend them..Check into it.
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    Arizona Sucks

    Max buddy, please go home. I cannot lose anymore sleep thinking about how bad it is for you here. i cannot imagine the pain you are going through.......a mere edumacation is not worth the terrible trauma of living here. I mean its not like you came here without seeing the place first, no one...
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    2650 do we in arizona count too?
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    Speedchannel petition

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    Mark Williams axles

    THE NUMBER FOR SUMMERS BROS IS 909-986-2041..................
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    F and L phone #

    Phone number for F and L is 310-603-2200