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    Trashing glamis

    Rich people fear no one Paw stars group from las vegas trashed Glamiis then left it for someone else to clean up Now thats STYLE
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    hey out there, ya better jump on this, go to the link and email the congress or you buggy,truck, motorcycle,quad,motorhome may as well be a planter in your yard, not to mention how many of us will lose our income from this. LADYS,GUYS Iam talking to you GET ON THE COMPUTER NOW AND TOMORROW CALL...
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    gas cans

    anybody have the word on the gas can thing that the chp/sheriff/rangers are busting people for and what the law/ rule for authorized gas cans is. does the just mean the plastic jugs with the clear filler hose's OR must you have the red plastic can/jug with all the info on the side. from what i...
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    desert stuff

    well motoseat and i pitted long time friend martin ,all german motorsports in san felipe, first overall but as in the past score took the wind out of the sail by not posting offical results for a really long time , thus no trophy presentation. iam trying to find results for the mint right now...
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    started off road racing in 1972 norra baja 500 in a blazer, also raced nascar modifieds and was crew on the lee brothers sportsman cars. I was codriver in the last few years for malcolm vinje's winiing 7s ford truck. I have a great family , that includes my wife who codrove with me at the mint...