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    SCORE Baja 1000 post race press release

    SCORE Baja 1000 post race press release and SCORE race results are now posted on the news page.
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    2001 SCORE Primm 300 pictures and digital videos.

    85 contingency photos from Friday, 190 race photos from Saturday and 10 digital race day videos including Ashley/Smith, Troy Herbst, Wiseman, Jesse Jones, MacCachren, Dean, Parkhouse, Pfankuch, Richardson, and Lobsam Yee, are now online from the 2001 SCORE Las Vegas Primm 300 on
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    $$$ 2001 SNORE "MIDNIGHT SPECIAL" $$$

    <FONT COLOR="#ff0000">TERRIBLE'S CASINO - KC HILITES</FONT> <FONT COLOR="#ffff00">Presents…</FONT> <FONT COLOR="#ff0000">2001 SNORE "MIDNIGHT SPECIAL"</FONT> ___________________________________________ Friday August 3rd through Sunday August 5th, 2001 The Eldorado Valley race course, south of...
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    SCORE Baja 500 Photos

    170 race photos from the start at the wash and in Erindira and Friday contingency photos from the Baja 500 are up on
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    Mark Weyhrich rollover at the TT250

    I just added one more AWESOME video of the Mark Weyhrich rollover crash at Crystal. this is a MUST see. 1.6meg MPG file. Special thanks to Bobby LeVeck from Towbin Infinity. Go Desert Productions ~~~~~~~~~~
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    Video, Truggy near roll

    the video of Troy nearly rolling the truggy at the TT250 is now online at in the videos section. check it out. special thanks to Brian Fenton. Go Desert Productions ~~~~~~~~~~