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    Thanks Pete and Team Pistol

    Thank you Pete and Fast Eddie and everyone with the team for all the help you gave us with the Stock Full truck this year. Was not easy and could not and would not have done it without you guys. Pete has helped me for 2 years now with my truck and asked for nothing in return. I cannot say enough...
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    Bajalite incar Baja 500 start

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    thanks pistol and crew

    thanks pete and crew for the wins at laughlin. we literally would not have raced our broken truck on sunday if not for pete. and as far as pete, his family and crew, always a great time hanging out and racing with yall. and thanks to baja racing adventures which has provided us and others a way...
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    Pistol pete bajalite wins at baja 500!!!

    Any questions?
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    cage to frame question

    Just double checking, can the A and B pillars connect to a support welded to the frame rather than directly to the frame rail and still meet SCORE requirements? Attached is a example of the support I would be tying into. How about connecting to a nerf bar which is welded to the frame?
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    Thanks Pete and Crew

    Thanks Pete and Crew for a great ride in the #604 Trophy Lite. We were just minutes from finishing when time ran out. Although Pete and crew had a trophy truck race at 1:00 they frantically worked the radio and pits until our time ran out. The Texas boys had the time of their lives. Anyone who...
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    f 150 stock full suspension question

    Can the front struts on a f150(2009) be replaced with a coilover and still be considered "stock full". If not what can be done with the struts and still be "stock full". Thanks for any help.
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    Stock full spring questions

    Have some questions about stock full rules and springs. I have a rule book and have done a lots of searching but am still unsure about some things. First, can the coil springs on a late model Chevy be replaced with coil over shocks? Also, can the rear leaf springs be replaced with leaf...
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    hello my name is wes

    Have always been fascinated by offroad racing and looking into maybe doing more than just watching. Have been reading this board for a while and it is extremely informative as well as entertaining.