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  1. Class10DAN

    On Topic golf karts!!!

    "uh oh here's the under educated kid making a new thread." yea i am... its about golf karts and why so many people hate and love them kinda like Marilyn Manson or limp bizkit... anyways debate if you must, mainly because its fun to watch but if you have any genuine reasoning as to why you want...
  2. Class10DAN

    On Topic 24 Hours of le mans

    so with the 24 hueres du mans starting tomorrow, what are your guys thoughts? anyone youre hoping to win, any good battles in GTE AM and GTE PRO? spill it out
  3. Class10DAN

    trying to get into desert racing (for good)

    i didn't know what to name the title but i am going out to California tomorrow (as of June 2nd, 2020) and i wanted to know if there is any body in Fullerton thats needs help. (race prep, cleaning, pit crew, etc) you get the point. anyways im just looking to finally get into the swing of things...
  4. Class10DAN

    Class 10 only

    So I guess I'm going to hop on the bandwagon for these specific class threads that I've seen here and there... So Post pictures, Stories, Rants, Seek help or whatever it is people do these days
  5. Class10DAN

    On Topic What happened to the Baja 2000???

    I have a question... what ever happened to the baja 2000. I've read about it and seen pictures but like... what happened? was it to "expensive" for people to race in or did SCORE not want to have to go through the hassle of make a 2000-ish mile course every year.
  6. Class10DAN


    here are some go fund me's for people who want to pursue their desert racing dream. please share to friends and family and donate if possible or dont... TEAM F#CK CANCER LETS GET HIM TO BAJA 1000 BAJA...
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    hey guys, i was looking on a Reddit on stuff about the 1k and i saw that someone had set up a go fund me. wen i read into it it was none other the coco himself, the go fund me was to give back to coco, no one has the spirit of the 1000 like coco, he is the most kind, humble, giving person ever...
  8. Class10DAN

    SCORE Baja 1000 Race Course

    hey just wanted to know what the 1000 race course is this year, i havent seen anything yet. i may just be stupid.
  9. Class10DAN

    My really big passion

    mohal my name is daniel and im 16 years old adn i want to race in the score baja series )I.E 1000,500,500,250 you know what i mean) and just alot of dessert races. ive had this passion forever and as i get older the bigger it gets. anyways im here to seek guidence on how to get my foot of the...