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  1. Frank13

    Parker 250 Race Updates

    Sitting at Mile 70. Going to give updates throughout the day on the leaders and any BITD Relay news.
  2. Frank13

    Hutchins Motorsports Henderson 250

  3. Frank13

    Car Stripped?! P425

    Received some information that car 3007 broke down and apparently was stripped down to nothing. Anyone else hear about this?
  4. Frank13

    Robby Gordon SEMA
  5. Frank13

    2011 V2R On Youtube

  6. Frank13

    Silver State 300

    Wheres all the hype! Only 27 days till race day!
  7. Frank13

    BAP Qualifying

    So where are the results??? \m/
  8. Frank13

    New RDC Member

    My name is Frankie. My dad and I have been in the off road community for about 5 years now. Were currently pit crew for clyde stout TT#13, and we'll be pitting for him at the up comming parker 425. Im also involved with Lucas Hand with the new build of the 2nd ever john deere racing utv. I will...