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  1. Rich Roberts

    To the Guy Who Has The Silver Raptor TT Pre-Runner

    Out pre-running on Thursday around RM495ish and my pre-runner got stuck in some silt. Some nice guys yanked me out and when we were rolling up tow strap this guy in a pretty cool (high dollar) Silver Raptor and sounded and looked like a TT. The guy was coming up towards us and we tried to...
  2. Rich Roberts

    Help a Downed Racer!

    Last weekend at the SADR race in Rocky Point Mexico one of our off-road brothers Dale Steinke was co driving in a 10 Car when they got stuck and got out of the car. Dale has a broken femur on one leg and multiple fractures on his other lower leg along with some internal injuries. Dale is a self...
  3. Rich Roberts

    R I P Craig Parks

    Most any buggy people in Phoenix AZ know Craig or have probably have had him do some work on their buggy. Craig passed away last Thursday afternoon. His services are Friday afternoon at CCV in Peoria AZ at 2PM, following the service a celebration of life and gathering. Any questions you can give...
  4. Rich Roberts

    R I P Greg (Red) Burgin

    Red Burgin passed away on Friday, May 20th, complications from brain tumors. He was a true racer in 5-1600, most recently class 12, and Spec-Racer Ford. He will be truely missed. Please say a prayer for his family to make it through this difficult time.
  5. Rich Roberts

    Old User, New Intro

    Hollo, my name is Rich Roberts. I currently Race in Class 12 With Rob Martensen and have been racing off-road since 1979. I work as a Fire Fighter for the City Of Phoenix and build gearboxes on my days off and am a Mendoela Dealer.