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  1. PeteRock

    2020 Chismes

    So with many race seasons ending for the year, and the looming 2020 season right around the corner what are the latest and greatest confirmed rumors for next year? Jessie Jones Mason awd TT went to Dan Mcmillin Jessie Jones getting new awd TT Team C Mason truck/trucks went toMenzies? Menzies...
  2. PeteRock

    SCORE UTV rules against single seat UTV's

    Does anyone know what the reason was for not allowing center steer UTV to race? I am suspecting this rule was pre Polaris RS1 car was released. Seeing that the RS1 has grown in popularity why not allow them to run with the NA class UTV's. Maybe allow the cars to be stretched to the max wheel...
  3. PeteRock

    Racing 905 Procomp 2017 Baja 1000 Race Report

    I have not posted on here for some time, but now due to lost password and being too busy, so I have created a new account to get caught up on all things racing. This is my point of view as a part of the Racing 905 truck 704, and truck 72 2017 Baja 1000 race effort. I don’t normally do long...