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  1. tooltime

    An open plea to Martelli bros., BITD or anyone willing to make a change

    The selling of Parking Passes for Spec. area four has gotten completely out of hand. Every year the issue of Parking has become so out of hand that someone somewhere has to take notice and help fix the issues. I have called and spoken to individuals withthe powers that be last year and the year...
  2. tooltime


    Where is qualifying tomorrow for the V2R?
  3. tooltime

    Mint Qualifying location

    Anyone know if Mint qualifying will be at Buffalo Bills again this year? If not where and what time? Thanks
  4. tooltime

    Mint Qualifying

    I know its early, but does anyone know where qualifying will be held for the Mint?
  5. tooltime

    On Topic F.B. Rant

    At the risk of making many friends and associates upset, I have come across a disturbing trend with the Off Road chats on FB and other social media. We all love the sport of off road racing, and love to engage in chat topics on social media. Yet, the current trend of nearly all Old School Off...
  6. tooltime

    class 7300 tech questions

    Thinking of building a 7300 for BITD. Im thinking of going 2wheel drive. It appears everyone is using Rangers w/a-arms and torsions. But Im hearing guys bending/breaking front uprights/knuckles. Is this true,and whats the fix if any? Should I consider a different vehicle? If I stay w/Ford, how...
  7. tooltime

    Newbie here

    Ive been following desert racing in the southwest since 1979. My favorite drivers range from Parnelli Jones, Walker Evans, Rod Hall, Roger Mears,and Robby Gordon just to name a few. I enjoy the technical aspects from where our sport has evolved to now. Thanks You Tooltime