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  1. JCA

    2008 MDR SS overall Champion and 725 champion

    We, Andrews Motorsports, had a great year this year and were able to win the 2008 MDR SS overall Championship and the 2008 Class 725 (7s/7sx) Championship. I would like to thank my Family, with out their support I would not be able to race at all, my Co-Driver Jack of JackFab and my co-riders...
  2. JCA

    MDR Jun 16th Night Race stories

    Lets hear them... Well we finished. Course was a ruff one. There were only 2 trucks in my class and we camped next to each other. We started 30 seconds behind them and 3/4 through the first lap we were about the same distance behind. Then I got stuck on a silt hill. Some spectators...
  3. JCA

    Raffel to help fight land closures

    Just thought I would post a link to a raffel for a turnkey rock buggy. This is a raffel to raise money to help fund the legal costs to keep lands open. Check it out...
  4. JCA

    Ocotillo Wells

    copied from another board Forwarded from the SDORC Mailing List. Jack Ocotillo Wells "hit" piece on KUSI CH 9 News Last week, KUSI TV in San Diego ran a two-part program focusing on the law-breaking party element that has become a problem at the Ocotillo Wells State Vehicular Recreation...
  5. JCA

    What Andrews Racing has been up to

    Well we sure as heck have not been racing much lately(unfortunatly) . We have been getting into the rock crawling scene more though. We have not been competing in rock crawling but rather we have been learning a sport simular to what we are use to but totally diffrent. Diffrent driving style and...
  6. JCA

    petition to sign

    link explains it all. Easy to do!
  7. JCA

    Making a call from Baja

    I cant remember how to dial out from Baja. Is it 0-01-area code-number? Or is it 0-00-area code-number? Also just a friendly notice, watch out for those one touch collect call phone booths. The costs is through the roof.
  8. JCA

    playstation II repair

    Where is a good place to get a playstation II repaired? My sons was knocked off the counter by someone and it tweaked the connector for the video inputs (on the game side) Thanks
  9. JCA

    Looking for the watch where you spend you $ thread

    I remeber a topic that stated the camelbak was a green company that was using our money against us. There was a list of companies in the thread that showed companies with tight ties to green org's. I can not find thet thread. Can someone give me a link or a title for that thread? Thanks
  10. JCA


    I coppied this from another board. John and Klaus if this belongs in another forum, please move it there. Thanks </font><blockquote><font class="small">In reply to:</font><hr /> Yes Assembly Bill 844 is a bill that would make it illegal to sell oversized tires in California..... This bill will...
  11. JCA

    send a word of thanks

    Send a thanks to the military people. It only takes 10 seconds. You might have seen this on another board but I am posting it on a few others as well. If you are against the "possible" war that is fine but please don't start a debate on this thread. That is not what this post is about. Thanks...
  12. JCA

    Laughlin 1st day results

    I keep checking for updates but they dont have anything. They do have a nice video of the TT's though. I did get a phone call and was told that the Robert Land Entry is in first place 7s after the first day of compition. Anyone else know anything else? J.C. Andrews Andrews Racing...
  13. JCA

    intresting article from 1971

    this is something I came across that I thought was a good read. Thought I would share Analog Science Fiction-Science Fact July 1971 editorial by JOHN W. CAMPBELL BALANCE and ECOLOGY This magazine has been considering ecology for somewhat longer than the current explosive - and...
  14. JCA

    copied form another board

    Issued Jointly by the Following Organizations: Bicyclists of Nevada County (BONC) California Wild Heritage Campaign California Wilderness Coalition Campaign for America's Wilderness Colorado Environmental Coalition Colorado Mountain Club International Mountain Bicycling Association...
  15. JCA

    Snow chains

    Jeff brought up a good point in another thread. I was thinking about taking the family to the snow. (I am definatly not a yahoo Jeff, ask anyone. More like misplaced redneck but that is another story) Where is a good place to buy chains for 35X12.50 BFG MT's? Whap kind of price can I expect to...
  16. JCA

    Prerunner names

    Ok. While everyone is palking about what is a prerunner, lets talk names... What is the name of your vehicle, I dont want to call it a prerunner because by MY defination it might be a chase/prerunner/desert--car truck--nike?? Mine is not dialed in and not finished by any means and a few of the...
  17. JCA

    Congrats to all finishers

    Congradulations to all the finishers at the Baja 1000!! To bad the RDC board had an issue this weekend but crap happens. Glad to see it back up. The coverage on
  18. JCA

    Alum floor jack

    In the Harbor Freight flyer there is a quick pump light weight aluminum jack. I went and looked at it and ended up buying one. I brought it for $200. I brought it home and compared it with a normal $500 name brand jack. It looked just like it in quality and looks. I obviously cant say how it...
  19. JCA

    WRC game

    Ok as stated before I am not a gamer. That is not to say I dont play my boys game at all but I dont have time to sit on it and get good enough to win a lot and get codes. With that said if anyone can give me the codes for the WRC game it would be great. I get 5 mins here and there and would like...
  20. JCA

    Middle East gas