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  1. bentrod

    High end camper

    That's the one , thanks. Not looking to buy, some body was asking me about them. They were a pretty impressive set up, but it didn't look like they were pushing to sell them very hard.
  2. bentrod

    High end camper

    I'm getting old. Does anybody remember the name of a company that built/builds high end off road camper out of heavy duty Ford trucks. They are/were in the LA or OC area. Beefed chassis, big camper deal with ATV storage on the roof, Custom bed to carry a full size Jeep. Super expensive. I think...
  3. bentrod

    Walker Evans 1987 Dodge Dakota Restoration

    I loved this truck from the 1st time I saw it. I bought a Dakota in Dec. 86. Saw this run at Riverside and crawled all over it at an ORV show in 87. The original engine was a B1 headed big block. I tried for years to find out what happened to this truck after Walker quit racing it and came up...
  4. bentrod

    Where are they now

    Walker Evans 1st Dakota, the big block truck from the Riverside race ? 1987 ?
  5. bentrod

    " hello my name is Tony"

    I,ve been checking out the site for quite a while and thought is was about time to join.